Last Days of the NORDSTROM Sale!

I’m sure EVERYONE has heard enough about the NORDSTROM SALE. It sort of seems it goes forever and ever. But it’s coming to an end on Sunday, and really if you haven’t taken part… should at least take a peak! If you have some extra funds right now, this is a great chance to SAVE on some great things!

The outfit I have on here, is STILL ON SALE! I wore it for a photo shoot with last weekend. It was such a great experience, and I’ll tell you more about it once everything is done. I did an interview that will be available to watch really soon, as well as this photoshoot! Check them out!


Here below, are my TOP 40 FAVORITES and ALL UNDER $100! From jeans and jackets, to shoes and jewelry….I would buy any of them to fit in to my wardrobe!!!!!! Wishing you all a HAPPY weekend!!!!!!!!




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