Stress Is Real!

Let’s talk about STRESS for a few minutes! I remember way back when I was young, I thought stress was just a cop-out! I heard people talking about it and just sort of thought they should just get a grip, right? But obviously through the years society is learning that STRESS is real and definitely can wreak havoc on your health! I loved this article from the Mayo Clinic talking about how stress affects us!

One of the ways we can manage stress is different kinds of relaxation techniques. For me that’s massage, deep breathing for sure, and alone time. I’ve just recently found out that AVEDA has a whole entire line of products to help with stress called STRESS FIX. I thought I knew everything about Aveda, but found out otherwise! I have loved, loved, LOVED these products! There are lotions and oils, bath salts and cleansers. The body lotion is A-MAZING! Aveda always has the best aromas, and these all have lavender, my favorite! I put it on before I go to bed and feel like it really helps with night sweats! Lots of times I’ll rub some across the back of my neck and chest so I can smell the aroma! It’s really, really good! I’ve tried them all, and love every one of them! I use the oil to dab just a bit behind my ears or even put some drops in my bath water.

So if you’re looking for something to help manage the stress you live under, I’m here to say I highly recommend Aveda’s Stress-Fix products! I’ve even used them for birthday gifts! It’s so important to do what we can to manage our stress. How many times have we let it build and build and build, until we bust! Believe me I have. Don’t let your stress get to the point of having to get medical help. This really does help. I think you should try it….you’ll like it!

Here is another article I liked from Women’s Health. I hope this information helps you! Enjoy your day, and DON’T LET STRESS GET TO YOU!!!!!


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  1. You had me at night sweats lol. But what a wonderful gift idea. Bride-to-be, new mothers, the list goes on. Who doesn’t experience stress?!?

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