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I want to introduce you all to Salon Precis. They are located in Orem, Utah which is close to where I live. The main thing the salon offers is microblading of the brows. I have been debating on whether or not to do this for SO LONG! Some women  I see that have had it done, I LOVE, and others I think look very unnatural and really bad! I’ve debated on whether or not it’s healthy, and if I’ll get tired of them several years down the road. When it comes to things like this, I’m always on the conservative side of the road. I have researched and looked at all kinds of salons and artists inspecting and disecting their work. I’ve even gone as far as going to different salons and looking at the way they’re run, how clean they are, etc. And all along the way I’ve thought yes I want to do it, and then NO I don’t want to do it! I’ve never been able to settle in on a firm yes or no……….UNTIL…..until I found out about Salon Precis. I saw them on Instagram, specifically Madelyn’s work, @madelyn_precisbrows. Madelyn is a Master Esthetician and brow and microblading artist, and  her work is impeccable. It was clean, precise, and conservative. I immediately had my mind made up and it was a definite YES! I booked my appointment and couldn’t wait for the  day!

When I walked in, I was so charmed by the way the salon looked! It was so cute with the chandelier lights hanging down! Each bed had a bin where you placed your personal items while having your appointment. The receptionist was so lovely! And then I met Madelyn! She’s a beauty, and I had more in common with her than I would have thought! She was so friendly and warm, and wanted my experience to be first rate! During my appointments she asked over and over again, if there was anything I wanted changed, and if I was happy with the results. Even several days after my appointment, she texted and wanted to know if everything was going ok! She’s such a darling girl and extremely professional! And the other girls there, were just as friendly!!!!!

My two appointments were about 2 hours long. After the first appointment, you go in six weeks later for a follow-up appointment. On my second visit, I had Maddie make mine a little thicker than originally, which I’m so happy I did! Madelyn was so exact at drawing my brows in first, measuring every single angle! Then she matched the color to what would be best for me along with MY input, which I loved! Then she performed the procedure. It didn’t hurt very much at all. I would describe it as a slight stinging feeling. I was really surprised it didn’t hurt more. I wasn’t bothered after my appointment as they were healing. I had to keep a special ointment on them for about ten days while they healed. I couldn’t get them wet or even exercise enough to sweat on them. THAT was the hardest part for me….not working out as hard as I like!

I am SO HAPPY with them! I still have gray hairs coming through that I just color with a pencil. But my lines and shape are all there, and it’s super EASY to groom them! I really would recommend this to anyone! Brows are such a big thing right now. As we age our brows are the first to thin and go gray. This really does SO MUCH to enhance your features! Our brows are what frame our faces! And not to worry…..if dark brows suddenly go “out of style”, these will always fade. It’s recommended that you go in every one to three years to get them touched up.

Giving a gift certificate would be such a surprise for a close friend or sister! Salon Precis also offers waxing, lashes, nails, and medical. More info about all their services here. Aspirin or blood thinners should not be taken seven days prior to appointment. Check here for some common questions. I would HIGHLY recommend them to ANYONE!!!

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  1. I had my brows done 2 years ago, it was a treat from my son who is Executive Director of a Medical Spa. I love everything about them, a great experience. Now time for a touch up… hint hint son.
    Vero Beach, Florida

    1. Sharon!!! You lucky girl YOU!!!! How convenient to have a son in that business!!! LOVE them too!!! XO

  2. I had mine done & it felt like I was getting a C-section without anesthesia! And yes, she used the numbing gel. I am due for my touch up & terrified to go in!!

    1. Amy! Oh no!!! Do you have a low tolerance for pain? Mine hardly even hurt!!!! Make sure you’re leaving the numbing cream on long enough! XO

      1. I usually have a high tolerance & she left the cream on a long time plus kept reapplying it!!

  3. I had mine done last year and it was a tremendous confidence boost for me. I am due soon to get a touch up and have every intention of getting it done!!!!

    1. Hi Kathy!!! Sounds like you are as HAPPY with yours as I am with mine!!!!! I would recommend it to anyone!!! XO

  4. I’ve really only started hearing of this procedure within the the last year or two. A local TV station did a story on one in my area. They too strongly suggest doing your research. The key it seems, is to find someone who delivers natural looking results, that may included going back a few times for tweeting. Like most women my age we came from that 70’s era that coveted pencil thin brows. I reduced my lovely thick Italian brown to upside down check marks (as my sister and I used to call them). And I’ve encouraged my daughters to “go to a professional “ to have theirs groomed. I would do this procedure in a hot minute, knowing it’s about what looks good on you, trumps what’s in style at the moment. Your results are excellent, job well done.

    1. Cheryl, as with anything….I think you have to decide first what looks good on you and what you’re comfortable with. And second YOU HAVE to check around. Don’t just go to ANYONE!!! It’s a huge mistake to just go to anyone, or to go to someone who’s having a “special”! I love the statement brow, and I love the contrast on ME of the dark brow with light hair. But that’s just me and isn’t for everyone! You are your own best judge!!!! Thanks for your comment! XO

    1. Debbie, It sure cuts down the “getting ready” time each morning, right?!! XO

  5. I have been researching it too here in Australia… quite expensive though. Wondering at cost for you USA girls? So happy you have posted though Shauna as I trust your opinions!

    1. Hi Linda…..the cost is around $400. I would tell you that IF you can find someone with lots of positive recommendations, go for it! I LOVE having them! XO

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