Polkadots + Yellow = HAPPY

So why not start out the New Year with a HAPPY OUTFIT? Polkadots seem to be just that! Wear them with a pop of color as I have here, or you could be just as sassy with a black sweater or jacket! The skirt is a heavy knit, pull-on styling and SO comfortable! A great one to travel with because NO WRINKLES will be found, and versatile too for dressing up and down. Wear it with tennies when it’s a bit warmer and a tee and really cute…perhaps springtime? It is SO CUTE worn with a graphic sweatshirt (linked below)! The sweater is new at Anthropologie, but not up on their site yet! I’ll keep you posted! I’ve linked some other sweaters that would be darling with the skirt! I’ve worn it with black opaque tights and black booties!

Just an explanation of some website glitches I’m having here at CHIC! If you’re trying to click the links from a mobile device or an iPad, it will connect you to Pinterest for some reason. I’m having someone look at it now….computer help is hard to come by over the holidays! If you need a link, let me know, OR you can always get the proper link through a desktop or laptop computer! THANK YOU SO MUCH for being patient!!!




12 thoughts on “Polkadots + Yellow = HAPPY

    1. Hi Kim…..yes I AGREE!!!! Winters still need BRIGHT COLORS! I’ve never been to Michigan, but I hear it’s REALLY COLD!!!! Stay warm, and go have a vanilla steamer at Starbucks!!!! XO

      1. Hi I’m a hairdresser in Canada and have a client that loves your hair wonder if you would be willing to tell us the formula used to get it that color. We are struggling to get rid of the gold base.
        Loveyour style

    1. Thank you Gigi! I LOVE wearing hats….they can do so much for your look!!! Happy New Year! XO

  1. I love this outfit on you! It is too cute..especially with the tights and booties, and hat! I think you can wear anything and look great..

    1. Hi Deb, honestly I CAN’T wear anything and look great! But I think I know what works for me. Thank you so much for your nice comment and wishing you a HAPPY new year! XO

    1. Hi Rosemary, yes I think wearing bright cheerful colors definitely helps getting through a cold dreary winter!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you! XO

  2. Can I start receiving your blog through email. I thought I signed up but never receive them like a few other blogs I follow. Thanks! I really admire your style, committment to modesty, and amazing fitness!

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