Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR friends…..2018 is finally here! And I’m ready for some goal setting and resolutions! I always love this time of year, and I couldn’t be MORE ready to step in to the new year with lots of ideas and drive! How about you? Are you a goal setter? Some may say that they don’t like to set new goals because they’ll just be broken. I totally understand, because even though I’m a goal-setter, oftentimes within six months or so, I’ve lost interest in whatever it was I was so passionate about in January! But, that shouldn’t keep us from at least trying to do something new or be a little better! I NEVER set too many because 1- I will forget, 2- It would get too discouraging, and 3- It’s better to have fewer so you have the proper focus on each one!!!

I’ve been thinking about mine for a while now. Yoga is one! It seems like a lot of my goals are always health-related! Like….eating less sugar!!! I seriously have to stop eating so much sugar! I have such a sweet tooth! So going to yoga at least twice a week and eating less sugar is tops! And then of course getting back out on to the tennis court! I’ve not played since last May when I wrecked my knee. It’s now almost ready to play and compete, and I can’t wait! Another really important goal I have is to participate more in doing service for others. I have slacked here for a while, and need to get back at it! There isn’t anything that makes you feel better, than serving others! This could be within your own families, and probably the best place to do it! And then I have lots and lots of goals and ideas for CHICover50!!! This has turned in to more than I ever expected, and so now I’m learning how to be a business woman! I couldn’t feel more blessed to be able to do something I’m (and always have been) SO passionate about! I love everything about blogging…well, almost everything! And my one last really fun, daring, and “ballsy” as Brookside Chocolate (you can buy it here) would call it (did you see my Instagram yesterday?) is I’m going to dye my hair PINK! I will be doing it in about 3-4 weeks, as I have just done my allover color. It will be very temporary, but thought it would be SO MUCH FUN! It’s not going to be crazy PINK, just a subtle pink! OH!!! I can’t wait!

So however you’re looking at 2018, I really do hope that you’ll try to do something different. If you don’t like to set goals, try just ONE SMALL ONE! See if it makes a difference for you. There was a day last week that was so discouraging!! I felt like I didn’t get one thing done, like it was a wasted day. I hadn’t focused very well that day on the different tasks at hand, therefore was just sort of meandering from one thing to the next. It’s such an awful feeling. Setting and accomplishing goals can give you such a good sense of fulfillment!

 You can shop my outfit here. My sequined jeans are on sale along with the first white sweater! Mine is sold out already, so I’ve linked some others that are just as beautiful! And the silver heels….the other day I saw an outfit with these, a bright yellow sweater, and jeans! It was so striking! I have worn these metallic heels for several years, and pumps will never go out of style! The earrings are priced so reasonably! And my faux fur bag is sold out, but I’ve linked two other options! SO FUN for the winter months!


Go and make it a SPECTACULAR New Year friends!!!


12 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year! You look so pretty..loving the white! Did you get your hair cut? I love it..soo cute on you. It highlights your pretty face!

    1. Hi Deb, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you as well! Yes, just got my hair cut and colored last week! Thank you so much for stopping by! XO

    1. Diane, hi! Yes it’s from my end! They aren’t working from a mobile device or an iPad, and we’re desperately trying to work it out! Thank you for being patient with me! Here’s the link to the jeans, just FYI! XO


  2. Hi – I just started following your blog and loving it!
    It’s nice for a change to see outfits and silver hair for over 50 🙂
    You have a new follower thanks!

  3. I’m thrilllllllled to have found your blog (through Instagram)! I am 57 and 5’2”. Fashion is a struggle . But, as I look at your fun style it gives me great ideas and hope. Thank you and keep blogging!

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