PINK Style On Sunday

Happy SUNDAY friends and here to say hi in my PINK STYLE! It has been quite the weekend for me! After coming off of a FANTASTIC girl’s vacay in Mexico (I still haven’t unpacked) and faced with all kinds of emails, editing, and work that was neglected while I was gone……my computer crashed! I’m not even kidding! So yesterday I was trying to take care of that problem (pray for me that all my stuff will be preserved), it’s not in getting a new hard drive installed. So I had to cheer myself up with my favorite COLOR PINK!

If you haven’t noticed by now, PINK is my favorite color. I’m trying to decide if I want to keep the pink pixie, I’m going back and forth with that one. But I stopped in to Anthropologie because on TUESDAY from 11-1 at the City Creek Center in Salt Lake, I’m going to be there shopping and want to shop with YOU too! There are SO MANY FABULOUS things there right now with all the fall styles coming in! THIS PINK is just some of it! The skirt is velvet-like and this darling sweater is a very thin knit so really easy to tuck or layer! And what about this hat??? The softest shade of pink and PACKABLE!!! Add some inexpensive sunnies and some blue suede shoes and statement necklace and OH SO CUTE for fall!!!!

Details again for Tuesday’s SHOPPING and SNACKING…


As I was trying some of these beauties on yesterday, I realized I was putting together a capsule wardrobe! I’m going to be building on this look all week long, so stay tuned! I have some ADORABLE ideas! I love buying separates because it’s so easy to break them up and style multiple ways! Everything in this look can be styled up or down. What are your ideas? On Tuesday I’ll post another look to add to this theme, and then wrap everything up with at least 15 pieces to mix and match!!! I’m SO EXCITED to show you!

I LOVE putting together outfits for ME and for YOU! Whenever a friend calls me for help for an event or vacation……I’m on it SO FAST! It’s such fun! If you’re in the Salt Lake valley, come and join me on Tuesday at Anthropologie! We can meet and chat and bounce styling tips off of one another! I LOVE to hear other’s ideas too!

Here’s the beginning of my PINK capsule wardrobe…..

ENJOY your Sunday everyone!

Shauna XO

8 thoughts on “PINK Style On Sunday

  1. Shauna, you’re such a motivational and inspiring person! It’s such a grey wet day in New England today and when I read your blog and check out your Instagram there’s always something that encourages me to hop out of bed and emulate your look. You are good for the soul! ✨?✨?✨?✨

    1. Hi Cindy!!! This is really, really SO KIND of you to say! When I started this blog, I wasn’t really sure about what it would do or where it would go. But when I get comments like yours……it really makes me realize my impact on so many of YOU! All of YOU out there help ME JUST AS MUCH!!! I haven’t told my whole story….in fact very little. But one day I will and you’ll know just how much you all MEAN TO ME!!!!! Have a great week Cindy!!! XO

  2. Dear Shauna,
    I live in Germany, but I visit your site nearly every day. It is so great to see a woman of my age creating her own style.
    To be honest, my husband found one of your pictures in Google and sent me a link. I had to do something with chinos I guess.
    At that time I had just grown out my coloured hair for several month and wore a short grey longer pixie.
    When I saw your picture I did not want to stay gray for a single day. Took your photo to the saloon, had to stay nearly 4 hours in the chair. Since that day my hair is as white as yours was and I really love it. Thank for that inspiration.
    I never would dare to go pink, but it looks so great on you, you should keep it.

    1. Hi Nicole from Germany….it’s nice to know you!!! One day I’d like to visit there!!! And THANK YOU for your SWEET comment!!!!! I’m so honored to know that something you saw here inspired you to do something different, to be brave, and to SHOW YOUR STYLE!!!!! You GO girlfriend!!!!! I’m actually going tomorrow for my hair appointment and have debated on going back to platinum!!!! Lot’s of LOVE! XO

  3. My vote is for you to keep the pink pixie! It is super cute and really makes you look young. Two great things! 🙂

  4. Hi Pam… you have made it nearly IMPOSSIBLE for me to decide between PLATINUM and PINK!!!! I have really loved my pink hair SO MUCH! Thank you for weighing in!!!! LOVE you! XO

  5. Can you supply link to the blue suede shoes in your pink outfit
    The link in your blog is for different style?

  6. Love your Instagram and Blog! I too was inspired by your youthful glow!! I take your picture always when I go to my hairdresser. She even sent me a text one day to send her your picture she wanted to show it to one of her clients! I have a short edgy cut and since following you have went with my natural gray. Always get compliments ?

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