Long Beaded Statement Jacket Perfect For Mexico

When you have a BEAUTIFUL long beaded statement jacket in your hands, you find the most STUNNING place in Mexico, Rancho Las Cruces,  to photograph it!! I’ll be blogging about this really soon! Isn’t this jacket GORGEOUS???? This is from Soft Surroundings and although it weighs four pounds, it was really so perfect for my trip! It has Mexico written all over it, don’t you think? I chose to wear all white underneath so the jacket could be the center of attention. I wore these Chicos white jeans and a sleeveless white top underneath. I liked it best belted to bring it all in. It seemed it worked best for me this way because of my height! It’s definitely a piece I’ll have forever!

Whenever I wear a statement jacket, I like to keep everything else very simple. By wearing all black or all white, or even all denim underneath, the jacket can be the focus of your look. Wearing too much underneath I think, takes away from the jacket and is too conflicting.  If I wore shorts more, I think this would be adorable with some denim shorts and a tee. Another idea I had for this jacket was a simple metallic gold dress or an all black tee shirt dress. I tried it with both but chose the white for Mexico. How would you style this jacket? I’d love to hear your ideas!

When I got this amazing bag for my trip, I wondered just how much it would work with some of the other things I brought to Mexico. I was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED at what all it went with…..like almost everything!!!! I LOVED it, from Sharif. And then my hat went with me I think every day. It really got some good use during my six days there!

I’ll be blogging about my trip in more detail in the next couple of weeks. We are waiting on some pictures that MUST be included. But this house at the incredible resort of Rancho Las Cruces has a story behind it….a really special story I’ll share then in my big blog post. But for now, I’ll just say that when I first laid my eyes on it, and this corridor specifically, I fell in LOVE and knew it would be my spot for my picture in this gorgeous jacket. There was a very special spirit here!

Here are some other FABULOUS statement jackets to shop. They really can be more versatile than you think, and if you choose correctly….they’ll be in your closet for a long, LONG time!!!! Now go and make a STATEMENT ladies!

Shauna XO


7 thoughts on “Long Beaded Statement Jacket Perfect For Mexico

  1. LOVE this jacket, how you belted it and kept everything else simple…just stunning! A fun look for Mexico for sure! Investing in girlfriends is so important- and it looks like you had a great trip! I gave up the notion a long time ago that my husband “should” meet all of my social needs, and I learned to seek more quality time with my gal pals. Thanks for sharing your adventures!!

    1. Angela thank you! I LOVE your comment, thank you! I have only just begun realizing the IMPORTANCE of POWERFUL and STRONG girlfriends! They have truly LOVED me through many hard things, and I thank God every day for them!!!! Thanks for stopping by! XOXO

  2. That jacket is SO unique!! I’m certain in the far future, you’ll be blogging… “I got this jacket ages ago on a fabulous girl’s trip”, just like you do now with all your other fabulous, favorite finds you’ve had for awhile. LOL! I love it when you bring up pieces from the past that you held on to, and incorporate them into your wardrobe today

    1. Cheryl it really is UNIQUE! I’m absolutely sure I’ll be saying that! It will always hold such SPECIAL memories for me! That’s the beauty of finding beautiful pieces, is that when you’re in love with them, you REALLY CAN take them from year to year, styling them in a current way! Thank you always Cheryl! XOXO

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