Halloween Safety Tips

As a reminder to you for a FUN and SAFE HALLOWEEN, I wanted to share some HALLOWEEN SAFETY TIPS,! These are always good to review. I’ll be spending it with my grandkids and can’t wait for them to see my WITCH costume! I’ve never dressed up for them before, but thanks to my sweet friend Trina and her FABULOUS PARTY, I’m a very stylish witch this year! If you need some entertainment inspiration, Trina is my entertainment SPECIALIST! The work she goes in to putting together one of her parties, is off the chart! She doesn’t miss A SINGLE detail, from food, to decorations, to party favors, and the perfect mix of guests!

Below are my top ten Halloween tips for you to look through before you go out tonight! Have fun whatever your plans are and BE SAFE out there!!!!

  1. Wear reflective clothing
  2. Don’t use masks, instead use non-toxic makeup and test before the party
  3. Don’t assume that all cars will stop for you
  4. Don’t use candles, instead use flashlights and glow sticks
  5. Pedestrian accidents are the MOST COMMON on Halloween
  6. For older children who are going alone, REVIEW their route
  7. DO NOT go to any home that DOESN’T have porch lights
  8. Feed your children a HEALTHY meal before all the treats
  9. Trick-or-treat in groups
  10. Go through your children’s candy and throw out partially unwrapped pieces

Shauna XO

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    1. Ahhhh thanks Lizzy! It sure did make HALLOWEEN more fun this year! Hope you had a fun one too, and HAPPY weekend! XO

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