Athleisure Style Every Day

Athleisure style every day??? Yep, absolutely for me IF…..I didn’t have meetings, and appointments, and more meetings. I absolutely would wear this look as many places as possible, at least out and about running errands! I even wear this kind of look while traveling which some of you might cringe? But, I like it and I’m comfortable, and believe me when I’m traveling there’s nothing worse, than being uncomfortable! As long as you wear some cute shoes (mine are from Jambu) and some fun accessories, you’ll be fine in my book!

This is one trend that has been around for a few years, and one that has been very accepted by us women. We lead active lifestyles and are busy with our families, and it’s the perfect way to get around. But I think there needs to be some thought still, that goes in to it. You can dress it up or down very easily, depending on shoes and what you put with it! I’ve worn a basic striped tee, cute booties, and my new Chicos faux fur denim jacket! It was very comfortable and still very cute….at least I thought so! 🙂

I’ve put together some of my favorite pieces to mix and match to achieve this type of look! I think one of the best ways to dress this up is with some kind of bootie with a heel, and yes you can do that! This is a much better look than a pair of sweats and an old tee! It’s more polished, but still very comfortable!!!!!!

Shauna XO


6 thoughts on “Athleisure Style Every Day

  1. I love this! You look stylish and comfortable! I would definitely wear something like this to wear around town, a road trip, or on the plane! Love all these pieces!

      1. Jan….I don’t think I have! ANYTHING SOFT though sounds FABULOUS!!!!!! Athleisure is the BEST, right?? XO

  2. You look so cute, That’s usually always what I wear Stylish but comfortable on my Trips to Germany. Love all the pieces you picked out you do have exquisite Taste, That’s why I buy a lot of the Clothes you model. We go on Cruises and I always make use of the Wardrobe and get lots of Compliments. Shauna I wish you good Health and the wonder ful Life you have is just a lot fun to watch. I have learn a lot from you, all the good Ideas you have, thank you, you are a very special Women.

    1. Hi Rita, what a NICE comment!!! This type of look is really such a smart way to travel! I’m glad it’s helpful to you! I’m going to try to post more capsule wardrobe ideas, since women are turning more to SIMPLICITY when it comes to fashion!!!! Thank you so much for your kind words!!!! XO

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