Pencil Skirts and Statement Tee

Happy Sunday everyone! Before I talk about pencil skirts and statement tees, I first wanted to say to all of you subscribers to my blog….you should be getting your very first newsletter from me this morning. Please let me know IF you do, and IF you enjoyed it, and IF there is anything in particular you would like me to add!!!!

I wanted to talk to you first about this fun little tee, that I would call a statement tee because it has FABULOUS gathered sleeves!!!! It has the tiniest stripe to it and the softest most drapey fabric and I’m certain it will go with ANYTHING in your closet. Wear it with your favorite jeans, dress pants, or a skirt like I have! It’s from DOWNEAST, and would you believe is ONLY $29.99 AND 30% off right now!

And then there’s the classic pencil skirt! I bought this at JCrew a million years ago, and still love it…..why? Because of the fun COLORS!!!!! I’m sure I’ll be wearing it FOREVER! The big floral pattern makes it so fun to pull in the different colors or mix some different patterns with it! I’ve worn it with a graphic tee, a crisp white button-down, a black blazer, a denim shirt and jacket, and so much more! A pencil skirt will never go out or style, ever! You can even wear them with a pair of sneakers and look so cute and classy!

Here are some super fun options for this look! Have fun browsing and coming up with your own unique way to wear a pencil skirt!! Have a great day everyone…..wishing you all a RESTFUL one!

Shauna XO


7 thoughts on “Pencil Skirts and Statement Tee

  1. Ich bin traurig, ich wollte die Briefmarken Bluse bestellen … Aber es kam die Antwort : in ihr Land liefern wir nicht. Schade ist Deutschland ein Land wo man nicht hinliefern kann oder möchte.??

    1. Karina, Ich glaube warum viele Geschäfte es nicht machen es wird zu teuer mit dem Zoll und die nachfrage ist nicht sehr groß. Ich wohne hier in Oklahoma und bin aus Bremerhaven.

  2. Love the Outfit as always love the Newsletter keep it up, looking forward to each Post. You are so talented.xoxo

  3. Love this look on you, my beautiful Shauna! I love florals too and pencil skirts are classic and will always be in style. Newsletter??? I had better sign up! 😉

    PS: I sent my dad out to find that mag with you on the cover and he found it! 🙂 So, I have a copy of your great accomplishment! I only wished they could have interviewed you! Perhaps, on your next cover. 😉

  4. Love, love love your newsletter. Since moving away from a big city your newsletter keeps me focused on style. Thank you!

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