Changing Your Hair Style

The other day I went in to my Landis Aveda Salon for my monthly cut and refresh on my pink pixie. I always LOVE this day! I look so forward to my hand and arm massage as my color sits, and the shampooing with the best scalp massage, and then the tea is SO GOOD! Every four weeks I go in. I think if you have a short hair style, you must really go in this often to keep its shape.

While I was in there, I sort of spontaneously decided to do something a little different. I had saved a picture on my phone of a really cute short pixie that was much longer on the top than mine and a little bit shorter. I showed it to Harley my stylist and she said, “Let’s do it!!!!!” It didn’t take much talking at all for me to go with it. After-all your hair does grow out! My hair is heavy and so I was a little nervous how the long top would look.

Do you get stuck in a rut with your hair??? I say DON’T DO THAT! I see women who have had the same hairstyle for YEARS AND YEARS! Mine has been short for most of my adult life. I get bored with it sometimes and so will style it different, or get a different cut, or…even take it pink!!! Changing up your hair style and trying new things can be so much fun! Don’t be afraid! Go to a good stylist and take a picture of what you want and go for it! It can be so invigorating!!!

Anyway… turns out I LOVE this new look! It’s different, and easy to style. In fact I had it done five days ago, and haven’t really done anything to it since then!!! That’s how LOW MAINTENANCE it is. If I had to spend more than 15 minutes on my hair I’d go crazy!!!! This is seriously less than 10…..sometimes 5! Harley does such a great job for me! She knows my hair and exactly what it will do and how it will take color. That’s invaluable to me!

This is what I use to STYLE!

Smooth Infusion  |  Control Paste  |  Shaping Wax  |  Air Control Spray


Shauna XO

12 thoughts on “Changing Your Hair Style

  1. I love the new style. I have worn my hair short most of my adult life. But I change it off and on. My beautician is great. She knows my hair.

  2. I also agree, love’n the new style (but then again you alway pull off any look). Me? personally as a kid I’ve always had a bear of a time with my hair, awfully curly…kinky hair even had girlfriends IRON it!! Lord what was I thinking? Not until a year or two ago I’ve learned how to style MY OWN challenging tresses (gone are the curls and kinks, just “the head of colicks”now ). I’m quite fond of my hair…for once. Harley seems to be an outstanding stylist…and so adorable to boot. So your not out traveling the globe?….

    1. Cheryl….it sounds like you’ve got a challenging head of hair, but I bet fantastic!!!! I’ve always loved people who truly embrace their curls! I love it when dark women let their hair be natural!!!!! XO

  3. Funny how you say to take pictures and trust your hair stylist because I actually saved your blog as my inspiration and LOVE my new hair now…. My stylist is amazing and also knows what my super thick hair will do and it makes all the difference. Who knows… I could be pink before long too.. I just LOVE IT.

    1. Ha!!! Yay Juli! You should do PINK I think!!!!! It’s such fun! I have a niece who cuts hair out of state, and haven’t seen her forever. She had a client come in with a pic of ME! Funny huh???! XO

  4. Love this! I just got the side of my head buzzed! My hair is long, fine and white but it doesn’t take much to make it look good. Thank you for your newsletter and your posts! They are a shot of color and style!

  5. Wow! Looking really gorgeous with this new hairstyle, my beautiful Shauna! The longer hair on top really suits you…though I can’t imagine you ever having a bad haircut! I have been going to my stylist for years and she is great!

    1. Hi Lizzy….thank you! It will be interesting to see how long I can last with “LONG” hair!!!!! Wishing you a HAPPY WEEKEND! XO

  6. I would be in seventh heaven if I had hair like yours. Mine is baby, baby fine and very thin and getting thinner as I age. Every time I find hair products that actually give my hair body without weighing it down, it gets taken off the market. I do have a good stylist, just not good hair!

  7. Hi. I have been following your blog and really enjoy your posts. I have short, fun hair too and I have wanted to go platinum for years. I took your advise today and went for it and I am so glad I did. Just wanted to say thanks. I needed that push.

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