Evine Event From Italy!

Hello everyone! If you’ve followed me long enough, you know I’m a minimalist when it comes to jewelry. I LOVE nice jewelry, but I don’t ever wear a lot at one time. When I’m putting my look together each day, I love a few perfect pieces to wear, and I’m good! These Toscana Italiana adjustable slide bracelets meet my idea of “the perfect pieces”! They are so dainty, but can be worn all together like I have here, for a more substantial look. The way they go on and then adjust is AMAZING!!!! They are so easy to wear that way, and not only that but really sturdy and well made! Do you ever have bracelets that you can’t put on by yourself??? You’ll never have that problem with these because of the sliding feature!!!

These gorgeous bracelets are available at Evine.com. Evine takes you to all parts of the world via remote shows and this one you don’t want to miss….coming from Italy!!! You are invited to watch the LIVE FROM VICENZA event Thursday, September 13th starting at 8pm ET and running through Sunday, September 16th at 5pm ET. Tune in to www.Evine.com and see these stunning little gems! They come in many colors and styles. I’m wearing the Gold Rope Twist, Gold Margherita, Rosetone Coreana, Rosetone Rope Twist, Silver Coreana, Silver Herringbone, and the Silver Rope Twist. I LOVED them all piled together! They are so comfortable and add such sparkle to any outfit!

Shop Evine’s WIDE ASSORTMENT of Italian Jewelry featuring unique and handcrafted gold, silver and cameo pieces! We are offering a really great giveaway too!!! You must follow @ChicOver50 on Instagram as well as @EvineLive to qualify! TUNE IN TO WATCH THE EVINE CHANNEL AND www.evine.com it’ll be SPARKLY and BEAUTIFUL!!!

I LOVE MINE…..and I know you will too!!!

Shauna XO

3 thoughts on “Evine Event From Italy!

  1. Shauna?? !! Newsletter?!! Am I missing out on something? how do I learn about this? Please don’t say social media, unfortunately not on board for them. But I do check on you guys from time to time. Especially when we dont hear from ya’s in a while.

    Evine; was sekeptical at first (a few years ago) but they are definitely legit. I enjoyed a few products from them.

  2. I’m a minimalist when it comes to jewelry too. These are dainty cute bracelets! I also love how you can adjust them to fit your wrist. That is always my problem because I have tiny wrists. I will have to check them out! Thank you for sharing, my beautiful Shauna! 🙂


  3. Having once worked in a jewellers I actually love love love my jewellery. I swap mine around depending what I’m wearing.
    I don’t hate those bracelets though they look cute ?

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