Pencil Skirts and Hooded Jacket

Good morning and HAPPY SUNDAY friends. I’m talking today about pencil skirts and hooded jackets! I try to post a dress for Sundays, since that’s what I wear! I shopped my closet for this entire look! I love a fun pencil skirt! I wore another of my favorites here in this post! There’s not a more lady-like and classic look! And when I can find one with some fabulous colors, then they really can take away from the seriousness of this style! I put it with this fun solid blue top that has a bit of texture to it! I’m realizing I need more solid colors in my wardrobe! That’s the problem with loving patterns of all kinds! And then this sequined jacket!!! I think I got it last year, and I love that it’s this laidback style, but then all glitzed up with the sequins!!!! And then to top the whole look off, I pulled another shade of blue for my heels!

I LOVE to have fun with STYLE! You can do it as little or as much as you like, and it just makes things way more FUN! Every single piece I have on here, has been worn multiple ways…dressed up and down! And I can see them in my closet for years and years…possibly FOREVER! I know this skirt is at least three years old, the top is probably over eight years old, the shoes over a year, and the jacket a year old. I still love each one, and it’s SO REWARDING when you can pull an outfit together that all came from your closet!

I’ve linked up some really similar pieces for you to achieve the same look! HAVE FUN ladies!!!!!!

Shauna XO

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