Packing for beautiful St. Augustine


As I prepare for another fabulous journey, this time to the charming St. Augustine, Florida, I’m into the chaos of packing. I’ll be traveling with five other mid-life bloggers (pictured below), and I promise you it will be a lot of laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments. However, as the excitement builds, so does the process of planning and packing, which is truly a “process” for me!

packing for beautiful St. Augustine

We will be doing a lot of touring and exploring on our trip. The temperature will be, highs 60’s and lows 40’s. I’m thinking of layering pieces, a couple of scarves, and THIS white furry jacket. It will be warm and add a touch of glamour. By the way, this jacket has been a winner for me all season long! I’ve had it for several months and literally wear it everywhere!

This first look is from FREE PEOPLE and super comfy. Versatility at its finest…. wear the cardi with jeans, or the pants with a sweatshirt or sweater. The second look I’m traveling in is from the ZENERGY line at CHICOS. I always have a scarf with me on the plane for the warmth. Scarves are essential in my book when it comes to traveling.

Making sure I have versatility in my clothing, I chose these FLORAL PANTS. They will transition from casual daytime activities, to more dressed-up evenings very easily. Also an all-white ensemble seemed perfect for St. Augustine. This SWEATER is so super warm….. it’s almost like a coat. It’s really cute paired with boots or the RED SHOES, which are extremely comfy. A beach town needed some NAUTICAL STRIPES as well. I liked this top with some basic BLACK JEANS, the red shoes, and SOCKS since it will be cool.

My belt in look three is from BETH’S BUCKLES

packing for beautiful st. Augustine

packing for beautiful st. Augustine

Chicos TRAVEL JEANS are absolutely fabulous in fit, style, and superior comfort. I’m bringing both the STRAIGHT LEG and the WIDE LEG, and both pull-on style for less bulk. They are sleek and such a smart choice for travel! Their NO IRON SHIRTS are genius, especially for making. I’m taking this GEOMETRIC PRINT TOP, lots of personality and one great for layering. And lastly this FRINGED CARDIGAN is not only warm, but absolutely adorable! It totally fits into my plans! Each of these looks will work great with SNEAKERS or HEELS.

I chose THIS DRESS for dressing up one night. And not only that, but always good to take something for long walks. These EASY SPIRIT SNEAKERS are coming with me too. I’ll wear them like this….

For nighttime I always take SOMA. These are my jammies I’ll have in my suitcase. Always so comfy and these launder better than ANY OTHER jammies out there.


In the end, packing is not just a mundane task…. it’s a well thought out suitcase that will serve me well for beautiful St. Augustine. I’m confident that I’ll have all I need for this next week enjoying and exploring someplace new with my fellow mid-life bloggers! You can follow along with me in my stories on Instagram.



  1. My problem with packing is being afraid I’ll look the same every day. So I’m afraid to leave something home that I love,and always end up with too much!

    1. Hey sis! Yes I know that feeling too. What helps me the most is making sure that what I take can be dressed up and down and worn other ways. When I went to Africa and was limited in bag size….. I really had to think about what I took. The versatility in what I had, saved me! What gets hard too, is when you have to take outerwear. That can really bulk up your bag and make you feel like you’re wearing the same thing. Have a wonderful week ahead! XO

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