Not a Jumpsuit… a Onesie

This Is What I Wear To Play In!!!

Not a jumpsuit…. it’s a ONESIE! What?? What is a ONESIE? That’s what this is called friends! It’s just as good as a jumpsuit, in fact MOST would call it that! It’s seriously so dang cute, and was the perfect thing to wear to the playground with my little people!

It’s shown here on their website, without a belt. I think that if you were super tall, you could get away with it styled that way. But I would think for MOST, it looks better with a belt to cinch in the waist! It’s made of a comfortable knit and EXTREMELY comfy! It also comes in other super fun colors!

How do you feel about this one? Would you dress it up? For me I would mostly wear it in a casual way like I’ve done here. But ABSOLUTELY it can be worn dressed up! Add some great heels and some substantial jewelry, and you’ll take this ONESIE up several notches!

Us women are dressing in a much more laidback way. We aren’t going out as much, and so many us working from within the walls of our homes. We want to still look good, but in a more comfortable way. THIS onesie is the perfect way to do that!

I’ve given you examples below of how you could change it up! Which is your favorite? This onesie makes the perfect canvas for ALL YOUR JACKETS!!! It goes with so much!


Going out with some girlfriends…. add some sassy booties and jacket and your outfit will make quite the statement! A super fun look to meet-up with your gal pals!!!!


To amp it up…. I LOVE this fabulous jacket! The mileage you could get out of this would be incredible. And what about the shoes! Can you see how easy it would be to DRESS THIS ONESIE UP?

Not a jumpsuit… a onesie and SO CUTE, SO COMFY, AND SUCH A STATEMENT!!! Heading in to the weekend and hope you all have some fun plans!!!!

Shauna XO