Have You Heard Of Bohme?

Dressed In Bohme!

Have you heard of Bohme before? This little boutique-like store is FAST becoming a favorite of mine. Most of their stores are here in Utah, but there are a few scattered here and there. You must check them out online…. because their prices are unbelievably GOOD!

I discovered Bohme a few years ago. Actually I should correct myself. I heard about it several years ago. I’m sort of a shopping snob you could say, in that I like to shop where I like to shop. I find my places and then tend to stick to only them without venturing out too much!

I love Bohme because it’s small, so is a very intimate shopping experience! The attention to every person shopping in their store is tops! I’ve never been in their store, where I’ve felt pressured to buy or been bothered by an overly aggressive sales person. They are SO helpful but then will let you be on your own if that’s how you prefer to shop.

Whenever I go in to one of their stores, I ALWAYS find something cute! ALWAYS! And just recently I went in and couldn’t get enough! EVERYTHING was so cute and again priced SO AFFORDABLY! I’ve linked MY FAVORITES below. The colors that they’re working with right now, were a little more muted than what I usually go for, so I’ll have to make sure I wear my POP of color in my lipstick and accessories!


So…. now you’ve heard of BOHME! It’s such a fun place to shop! And you can do it and FEEL GOOD that you haven’t cut in to your wallet too much! Please check it out online… I know you’ll LOVE it as much as I do!

Have a WONDERFUL week friends! I’m going to be on quite an adventure! You can always follow along on my Instagram Stories!

Shauna XO

4 thoughts on “Have You Heard Of Bohme?

  1. Love the adorable dresses you’ve been wearing lately. I’ll check out that website for sure. Correct me, but haven’t I seen that shed behind you before?

    1. Cheryl, I’ve actually used this shed several times before while visiting my mom. I LOVE it because my daddy loved it so much….. his pride and JOY! XO

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