Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale Has Begun

Eliza J Dresses at Nordstrom

Friends!!!! Nordstrom half-yearly sale has begun, and if you’re ready for one of the biggest sales ever…..get your credit cards ready! I have been searching through it for days and picked out my very favorites so YOU don’t have to do any work!

I used to hate the sales….the chaos, the mess, the people, the everything! But I’ve learned to embrace the benefits from sales, and feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at seeing the gems within a big sale like Nordstrom has!

I’ll be doing a couple posts….maybe kids, men, and beauty. What do you think? Is there anything in particular you’d like to request from me? I think KIDS is great this time of year, because it’s soon back to school! MENS you can shop now and save for Christmas…..they’ll never know the difference. And whenever there is a sale, ALWAYS check in to the goods in the BEAUTY department!

One thing I always like to check out at Nordstrom, are the Eliza J dresses. I’ve come to love this beautiful dress designer! That’s what I’m wearing above….I think my very first Eliza J dress was this green floral. They seriously are so flattering. I would love to get one of her jumpsuits! The blue dress in this post is an Eliza J dress!

So here are my top 40 picks from the Nordstrom half-yearly sale! And these are only for us WOMEN! As I’ve said before….I won’t post anything that I wouldn’t wear myself. I’m not just putting up stuff to put it up! Any of these could be found in my closet!! What would you guess is MY FAVORITE thing?


Will you be shopping the Nordstrom half-yearly sale? What do you focus on? Oh and how could I forget SHOES??? Seriously….one of the best things to shop for at SALES!!!!! You can find there here! And my FAVORITE here would be THIS! Not really a surprise….right?!! Happy shopping friends!

Shauna XO