My Monochromatic Dress Code

As Monochrome As I Can Get

My MONOCHROMATIC dress code is anything BUT boring! I don’t usually dress this way, because there’s always more going on in my head than just one color. But there’s nothing MORE CHIC than this look, and sometimes we think (I think) it can come across as boring! So….. today I wanted to talk about how to make it NOT BORING!

First the definition…..

The word “monochromatic” when broken down into two parts is this: “mono” meaning single and “chromatic” meaning color. So a monochromatic outfit would consist of pieces of one color. But the real trend is to wear different shades and tints of the same color, which are monochromatic colors. And this is where it can get FUN!

My outfit above isn’t that FUN really…. at least in my eyes! But I put it on one Sunday and really liked the way it looked, perhaps because it was different than my norm? I added the pop of shoe to make it feel more like me. I think you can have way MORE FUN though, using varying shades of bright colors! Or I should say, using YOUR COLORS and not neutrals! There is hardly anything in my closet that is just a solid color! For sure I have more pattern and that’s NOT what you want when trying to achieve a monochromatic style!

My goal is to start buying MORE solid pieces, so I can have more options to mix in to my prints. I’ve put together some outfits, and LOVED doing it! I think all of these are FUN and VIBRANT and ALIVE! This would be my MONOCHROMATIC DRESS CODE! Remember you are NOT just limited to neutrals when trying to pull off this look! COLOR will make it much more interesting!!!!!!


Of course PINK would be one of my favorite ways to dress in a MONOCHROMATIC way. I’ve linked up two pairs of shoes, both dressy and casual. The top is so fun and on major sale! You could even add a pink belt of headscarf.


I LOVE this with the dark green mixed with the bright more vibrant green of the pants! The sunnies have just a hint of green and the subtle earrings are perfect! The shoes are a little bit out there, but SO FUN with their “off” shade of green!


Aren’t these purple shades beautiful??? This may be my favorite outfit of the three! The top is ADORABLE with the satin wrap skirt….. and then the shoes! CUTE as ever! I love each of these pieces broken up and worn in other ways as well!

Do you LOVE the monochromatic way of dressing? I love it although it’s not what I think of first. But…… that might just be changing very soon!

Shauna XO