My LOVE For JCrew Fashion

My love for JCrew fashion has been around for a long time! I’ll go in spurts with JCrew, but can ALWAYS find something within their stores that I LOVE! I have so many great pieces in my closet from JCrew through the years! This outfit is new, but classic. I feel like I can wear this tartan top and black lace pants for a long time. Classics!

I’ll be hosting an event this Saturday at my local JCrew at City Creek Center. I’ll be there to help you shop and put together your outfits for your holiday festivities! There are SO MANY fun things available right now at JCrew, that are worth taking a look at!

First THIS!!!!! Oh my heavens!! I would love to get my hands on this skirt in GREEN! A lot of JCrew fashion is TIMELESS……this skirt being one! You could wear it over and over again for years and years! It comes in PINK and a pale GOLD as well! Wouldn’t it be fabulous for the holidays??? And after the holidays, wear it with a graphic tee or a denim shirt and sneakers!

Here are a couple of my favorite looks right now at JCrew! My love for JCrew fashion will continue I’m sure forever! If you want fabulous style that will be on the timeless and classic side…JCrew could be your go-to!

Remember that word JUXTAPOSITION…..dressing in opposites. The fancy skirt paired with a sweatshirt is a great example of this, and I happen to LOVE!!!!!

This is SO ADORABLE with the white kitten heel booties, but I’ve also added some blingy shoes in case you like super glitzy!

There is a 50% off your entire purchase on this FRIDAY using the code FRIDAY! Have fun and let me know what you’d put together!

Shauna XO

2 thoughts on “My LOVE For JCrew Fashion

  1. Oh, that top’s gorgeous. I’ve seen it on-line at JCrew and wondered what it would look like on someone more our age. Love it on you.
    – Julie

    1. Hi Julie…..YES, when I saw it I LOVED it too. It’s so festive! I can’t wait to wear it with jeans and sparkly heels!!!! Thanks for stopping by! Happy Holidays! XO

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