All About How To Style Tulle

Yep….it’s all about how to style tulle in this blog. This is yet another THING that people will say I shouldn’t wear because I’m too short or whatever the reason. But I’ve never shied away from it, and I actually think it’s quite fun! THIS skirt is perfect for an introduction with tulle. It’s very soft and not stiff like some tulle can be. It lays nice and is really comfortable.

I wore it here for the first time in Memphis with a suede Moto jacket and a graphic tee. And then my famous booties from Lansky Bros. in Memphis. This would be my first choice in styling simply because it’s a bit edgy, unexpected, comfy and FUN!

I don’t want you to be afraid of tulle though, so I’ve created several looks for you to see different ways to wear it! And this very pale blue is so beautiful and seriously you could think of it as a neutral. It goes with practically anything!


This obviously is the very dressed up way. The top is actually a bodysuit and is perfect for this look so everything stays in place like a ballerina! Add some dazzling jewelry and don’t you LOVE the heels? A LOW heel! Yay!!!

This would be such a comfy look for hosting a party. FLAT shoes but still jazzed up a bit with the bedazzling earrings! And these are such an incredible price point for what they are!

And the last look is that CASUAL COOL vibe….my favorite! This would be adorable for a Saturday hanging out with your friends! I thought this earring pack was so cute and such a great gift idea too!

Shauna XO