My Hair Journey With Hair Biology


My HAIR journey with HAIR BIOLOGY has been AWESOME! As you know…… OUR HAIR IS EVERYTHING! It is so much a part of our identity. Those bad hair days can certainly make the day not so pleasant. Especially as women, we want to look our best, and when we feel like our hair looks good, WE FEEL GOOD!! Wouldn’t you all agree?

HAIR BIOLOGY is a brand specifically designed for women at mid-life. They work with the unique BIOLOGY of our hair as we age. If you have reached mid-life, YOU KNOW that HAIR is one of the very first things we notice changing. They have designed their products to have SOLUTIONS for common signs of aging hair. They want US TO LOVE OUR HAIR and TO BE CONFIDENT WITH THE WAY IT LOOKS!

Shop your local TARGET for your Hair Biology!

Over this passed year, I have come to really know all of the amazing products the HAIR BIOLOGY brand carries. I LOVE that you can pick them up at your local Target store. This has been so convenient!!!! Since my hair has been all natural or platinum as I call it, and silver as most call it, I have LOVED and used MOST the SILVER AND GLOWING shampoo and conditioner. This makes SUCH A DIFFERENCE in the color of my hair. It makes it brighter and shinier….. just how I like!!!

Remember this blog here…. HOW I KEEP MY HAIR SILVER?

I’ve also used the SOFT AND HYDRATED line, shampoo and conditioner. I use this a lot when I know I’m going to be outdoors in the sun for long periods of time. I love that HAIR BIOLOGY gives me lots of options. The styling products are amazing as well. The ARGON OIL has been my personal favorite. Again, it adds shine and softens those unruly silver hairs! I use a few drops AFTER I towel dry my hair after shampooing.

Soft and Hydrating is FABULOUS too!

This is what HAIR BIOLOGY has said…….


This is what I say…….


Dear friends at Hair Biology….. I’ve had the best time with you. The gift box you sent was such fun, and all the surprises at my doorstep were SO GOOD! Thank you for letting me show off your wonderful brand. I can’t wait to see what’s next! I’ve heard there are some new goods coming to HAIR BIOLOGY soon! My journey with Hair Biology has been such fun to share with my followers as well…… THEY SEEM TO LOVE IT TOO!!!!!!

Shauna XO

These GIFT BOX goods were SUCH FUN!


8 thoughts on “My Hair Journey With Hair Biology

  1. Do you still see Harley? I have the feeling you don’t live where you used to live a few years back 🤪. Have you been able to find someone you adore, as much as she? The gals in my house still use HairBiology. It’s quite the gem!

    1. Hi Cheryl…. I don’t see her anymore. She’s in SLC and I’m about 4 hours south now. But I would in a heartbeat if I was there. I have found someone new here that I think I’m going to love. It took me a minute…. I was cutting my hair with the help of my husband all during COVID! Eeeeeeek! XO

  2. One more thing Shawna, last photo, is that a Hair Biology candle? I can’t find it online or at Target.

  3. Cheryl yes it is. I’m not sure if that’s available. It came in a gift box from Hair Biology. Sorry about that! XO

  4. I absolutely love the HB for silver hair! Just what I needed❤️❤️. What do you use as a gel, mousse for styling? Also how firm is the hair spray? I also love when you change the hue of your hair. What do you use and recommend??

    1. Hello Jill….. I don’t color my hair anymore. All natural for over two years now. I haven’t used Hair Biology spray yet but look forward to trying! I use these two pastes mixed together, and these two sprays depending on what my hair is doing! Thank you so much for stopping by and HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK! XO





      1. Thank you so much for the info! I apologize for the confusion on hair color. I knew you’re hair is it’s natural color.. it is a gorgeous color! I thought I saw a pic where it looked pinkish. Thank you again for the information!! Love your blog❤️❤️❤️

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