My Favorite Easter Dresses

I remember as a little girl, my mother sewing me my Easter dress. I got one every year, and I believe all of them were hand sewn by her! I still remember in detail, many of them! From pink with lace, to a light blue suit, they were all beautiful as ever!!! I looked forward to my Easter dress every spring! I never raised any daughters of my own, but instead three darling little boys. I had such fun picking out their Easter outfits! One of them used to LOVE his bow-tie, and wore it so proud! They were adorable…..and to all of those young mothers out there, who are exhausted beyond measure, TREASURE your time with your little ones, because believe it or not….it will be gone in an instant!

I wanted to share some BEAUTIFUL Easter dresses with you today. And of course they are girly and frilly and such fun! This one here was my FAVORITE dress last year! It’s full of color and such a beautiful print, and also some pattern mixing which I LOVE! It was from Anthropologie.

Enjoy browsing my favorites below, and do TREAT YOURSELF to a new Easter dress!


I’m curious….what does the Easter Bunny bring to your house? Here are some ideas maybe you could pass along to the cute bunny!!!!


Enjoy your Sunday friends, and have a GREAT week!!!


9 thoughts on “My Favorite Easter Dresses

  1. I still donโ€™t know when the cut off age for coloring eggs & Easter baskets is. As long as they (age 21 & 18 and friends) still like it , Iโ€™ll never say no.

  2. My grandmother made all my dresses. My grandparents were farmers and would get feed in sacks that were a cotton print on one side. She would take the feed sacks apart, wash and iron the material. On Sunday when we would visit, she would let us go to the cabinet where she kept the beautiful fabric and let us pick out the fabric for our new dress. In about two weeks she would have a beautiful dress waiting for us. Precious memories

    1. Oh my heavens Patricia!!!! This gives me the shivers!!! Such PRECIOUS memories!!! XO

  3. Every year we have an Easter egg savanger hunt. It started with our own three little girls who are 36,35 and33 with families of their own. The tradition has continued and we still do it with our nine grandchildren . It is so precious watching them read the clues then run to and from the hiding spots gathering chocolate eggs and small trinkets. And of course grama and papa get the little girls a new dress and the boys a new shirt. Easter is a great memory for us and we hope our families can cherish theirs as well.

    1. Joan!!! I love reading about your EASTER traditions! Your kids are almost EXACTLY the same ages as my boys! You’re creating BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES for your littles!!! Have fun!!!! XO

  4. God bless your mom for making you all those Easter dresses, Shauna! You should post some from when you were little. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the dress featured here. I love color too and this dress is beautiful You are beautiful! Happy Easter! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Lizzy!!! My mother sewing my clothes when I was little is one of my SWEETEST memories of my childhood. And she did it all while raising TEN children!!! Can you believe it! She was and IS AMAZING!!! Happy Easter Lizzy! XO

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