My Fall Capsule Wardrobe

A few days ago I was talking to you about MY FALL CAPSULE WARDROBE ideas, right here. I usually don’t shop that way, but I’ve really seen the benefit to this whole idea. When I’m out shopping I go for pieces that I see that I LOVE. I don’t necessarily go out shopping for jeans, or tops, or shoes, etc. I just go shopping and whatever I see that I LOVE, is usually what comes home with me. I do however, consider COLOR, FIT, and whether or not I can wear it THREE WAYS!

As I was looking around this particular day, I was so drawn to pinks of all shades. And then the blue shoes came along and the contrast with some of these pieces was beautiful and a bit unexpected. Then came these wide leg Chartreuse colored corduroy pants and I loved everything about them. They were so good with the pinks. And then the building began! My color palate was of course shades of pink, Chartreuse, and blues (including denim). I wore these amazing velvet slim trousers first with a denim shirt (I like the dark denim better for fall/winter) and leopard heels, and then with a pink pompom sweater and lastly a loose black sweater and OTK boots. I’ve already worn them three very different ways, and these will move right in to the holiday season beautifully!!! LOVE LOVE these sassy pants! And again….they worked well in to my CAPSULE WARDROBE!

So in my capsule I have twenty-six pieces…..two skirts, four pairs of pants, four pairs of shoes (the blue heels I’m wearing are sold out, but I’ve linked very similar) three jackets, seven tops and/or sweaters, and six accessories. How many outfits can you make out of these? After all that’s what a CAPSULE WARDROBE is supposed to do…give you LOTS of outfits with FEWER pieces!

Shauna XO

9 thoughts on “My Fall Capsule Wardrobe

  1. I always appreciate the many “different but similar” links you offer. Keeping in mine to show options but still keeping with the point your trying to convey. It is genuinely helpful. Thanks

  2. Hi Shauna,
    could not resit. Just come back from buying a pair of these wonderful corduroys. They are so warm and smooth.
    And I really like to see you going back to platin again.

  3. What would you suggest in a belt if one wasn’t sure about so many patterns WHICH don’t get me wrong how you mix and match is amazing but it’s going to take me a while to build up BABY STEPS ?

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