MY Dad!

Happy Father’s Day to all of you hardworking dad’s out there! Just like mothers, dad’s are often not appreciated for all they do. Thank heavens there’s a day set aside just for them, when we can reflect on all they do for us!!!! I’m grateful to be spending my day with my family, my sons and grandkids! It’s always a GOOD DAY when I can be with my family……..truly NOT anything better!

I want to pay tribute to my dad, who is now 86 years old. I should say YEARS YOUNG, because he has defied all odds since January! We have been so thankful for his stamina and ability to fight off some major health issues with such  bravery!!!!! His good health all his life, has contributed  greatly in this! He’s gone through major surgery, and continues with some very rigorous treatment. At his age, this is not an easy thing, but my dad has gone through it with FLYING COLORS! My mom has been by his side every step of the way, which has given him and all of us such comfort! What a blessing she has been!

Going through this experience as a family has truly been a blessing. Not a blessing that my dad got cancer, but a blessing in that it has brought us all so much closer! My family is quite large, and we have all rallied around my parents with lots of love and prayers! My mom has been the greatest caretaker of all, and together they are getting through this with much LOVE for each other. And that…..has been yet another blessing! To see them love and care for one another is such a gift to their ten children!!! In fact there couldn’t be a greater thing to see, than their LOVE for each other. The sweetest thing was one day when my mom said that they had been spending a lot of time on the sofa holding hands! That melts my heart!!!

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DAD! You have always been an example to me……of hard work, integrity, and honesty. And now you’re showing me how to be courageous and brave! I am so blessed to have a dad JUST LIKE YOU! Thank you for your example of faith!  I LOVE you very much and continue sending lots of prayers your way!


8 thoughts on “MY Dad!

  1. What a wonderful tribute to your dad and mom! I lost my dad in November, and I am remembering lots of beautiful times with him today .

  2. Really, your words just scratch the surface! There’s so much we all have learned through the years, and we’re all blessed to have Dad and Mom around to continue to teach us. And that is a BEAUTIFUL picture!

    1. Debbie…for sure just scratching the surface! We are SO BLESSED to still have them in our lives! XO

  3. I lost my Dad when he was 47 years young I was 20 I loved him so much and miss him always I was so close with my Dad since i’m the Baby in the Family. But fast forward to now my Son also died when he was 47 . that was the darkest time of my Life. So please, please if you still have a Dad embrace him, enjoy the Time you can spend with him make Memory’s. Shauna you’r beautiful as always( You’r Dad is a Cutie) Enjoy

    1. Rita, wow!!! You have been through a lot!!! We should NEVER EVER take for granted each other! Bless you!!! XO

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