Denim Dress Versatility


Hey friends… was your weekend? I took a quick trip to sunny and beautiful California…literally SO QUICK! But even so, I was able to connect with some amazing friends and get a lot of work done while doing so! One of the greatest perks of being a full-time blogger, is the connections and friendships along the way! So many amazing women out there that I’ve had the privilege of knowing! If you’re on Instagram, I did my very first LIVE video. I’m learning all the time about all these different platforms and ways to connect with my audience! SUCH FUN!

I think everyone must have some kind of denim dress? And if you do and if it’s a shirtdress style, THIS is MY favorite way to wear it… a kimono sort of! Denim dresses are always versatile, and wearing it this way gives you yet another option! I love this one with the frayed edges, and the fabric is so soft and drapey! I added a colorful scarf to wear as my belt, and then some fun jewelry and my red sunnies! These are from Amazon and so inexpensive! It seems these mustard colored slides are working in to nearly every outfit! You can really consider this color a neutral!

I’m packing my bags again today for another AMAZING trip! You can watch my Instagram stories and see posts there. I’ll be traveling with two other fashion bloggers…nothing like a girls trip! Our destination is one of my all-time favorite locations ever! The photography opportunities are endless! I’ll be blogging about my whole experience, with lots of FUN travel tips and connections!

Everything I have on here is from my closet. However I’ve linked nearly the same outfit! This can be broken down in to many looks…..versatility is the way to go! Have a GREAT week!!!



11 thoughts on “Denim Dress Versatility

    1. Thank you Ramona! Will the little denim dress ever be out of style??? No, don’t think so!!! Have a great week! XO

  1. THAT…”the” denim shirt dress is one the few (like the denim & white button down, black skirt & trousers) that have been a staple in my closet for years,…decades. It seems they never completely go out of style. I do like the way you style it as a duster. I do like that you use a scarf as a belt as well…that use of a scarf is what caught my eye and lead me to follow your blog so long ago.

    1. Hi Cheryl….that’s so cool, that it was the scarf belt that led you to me!!!! And I totally agree with you about the denim shirt dress, will never go away! Happy weekend! XO

  2. Love this look! And the red glasses really finish it off. You look gorgeous!
    Thank you so much for sharing this. I am going to try this with my denim shirtdress, which I haven’t worn in a while. Have a great trip!

    1. Hi Kara, thank you so much…..have you tried this look yet? 🙂 And these red sunnies really are such fun! XO

  3. I love your ideas and pictures. I am new to your blog. My friends say my haircut is yours and I am totally white since 42. Do you have makeup tricks and suggestions for people with your same coloring?

    1. Hi Kim, I have done lots of blog posts before about makeup. You can search under “SKINCARE” and there will be a couple posts there. I’m actually doing a blog post this next week on makeup application! Stay tuned! XO

    1. Hi Jenifer! Thanks for stopping by! One of those outfits I think, that you can wear for a long, long time!! XO

  4. I love your style! I recently went through chemo (am in remission) and am growing out my hair. I think I’ll strive for your hair style! May I ask how tall you are?

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