JJ Bolda Designs

When I get asked to be a model for a BEAUTIFUL jewelry designer, well…….I say yes!

This jewelry designer, Jessica, JJ BOLDA DESIGN, is FABULOUS! I’m going to be blogging about her in the next weeks, but wanted to share some of her work before then! She’s a local here in the Salt Lake area. She contacted me several weeks ago about modeling some of her pieces. Of course I agreed, because not only are they GORGEOUS, but they’re UNIQUE! And Jessica was the sweetest girl who is undeniably so passionate about what she does!

Here are just a few of her gems!!!!!

The earrings are Jessica’s as well. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the black hoops! You’ve probably seen these in several of my pictures recently! I love that they are so different than what you normally see out there!

Stay tuned!! I’ll be showing more of her fabulous gems very soon!




4 thoughts on “JJ Bolda Designs

  1. Beautiful, unique pieces. I absolutely love jewelry that is not your average “run of the mill”. You really do look awesome in the simplest of outfits (and of course when you glam it up). I love that you are always showcasing and supporting businesses that are women operated/owned. Thank you. We need to stick together!!

    1. Yes Cheryl, I totally agree with you. A UNIQUE STATEMENT piece will always ELEVATE your look to a whole new level!!! XO

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