Lemons For Sale!

The other day I was in search of a SOLID colored top. When I look in my closet MOST everything is full of color and pattern. I couldn’t believe how hard it was to find a solid color and in a style that I liked. For the most part I just think that solid can be boring, and it’s not where my eye goes! And this is the perfect example! Take some lemon jeans and what do I want to put with them…..of course stripes! I just think that this is more fun. And of course some would say, “You’re way too short to wear so many patterns!” Honestly, what do you all think? Is it too much in your opinion? Do you like it on me….would YOU wear this same combination? I did pick some “simple” earrings and shoes, minimal accessories. Now to me, an overload of accessories, would be WAY to over the top!!! But someone else could wear lots of other accessories, and I probably wouldn’t mind it…..on THEM!

But the whole reason really, for this post is that these lemon jeans are ON SALE, and there are even some petite sizes left! I’ve worn these with a denim shirt, a graphic sweatshirt, and a black tee. I would also wear small black gingham….SO CUTE! What about a black linen blazer and tee for a casual office day? It’s probably more of a casual jean, but dress it up with white lace maybe, and some nude heels and pearls! Yep, cute again!!! How would you style them???

Below are links to this outfit, as long as my FAVORITE PICKS for things to wear with lemon jeans! A LOT of this stuff is ON SALE TOO!!! YAY! I’m trying to pay closer attention to sales, so I can pass the info along to you! Just FYI, because a lot of you ask….my lipgloss linked here is called TRUE!


And now here are some favorites that I think would look DARLING with these lemon jeans…….


Half way through the week now, and tomorrow is my FAVORITE DAY…Thursday! Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week and our warmer temps. Before we know it, it’ll be fall!



13 thoughts on “Lemons For Sale!

  1. I think the way you pair things up are fun, cute, classy, attractive etc. When I try to put patterns together on me, I look in the mirror and I look terrible. Maybe it is just my imagination, but I couldn’t go out in public with them. Maybe it is just because I am older and was brought up thinking everything has to match, and I’m not brave enough to venture out in a style I am not comfortable with. Keep up doing what you are doing, you look (and are) wonderful! xoxo

    1. Mom….that’s so nice of you! I think so much of our fashion sense comes from how we grew up, and what we thought looked good through those years. We all have a tendency to stick with what looked good in our prime! But I would tell you IF you wanted to try pattern mixing, just do it with a simple scarf! That way it’s not too much, just a hint!!! XOXO

  2. I love this! I’m short, also, but I’m going to that website right now! Love this outfit!

  3. You always seem to run against conventional wisdom, making a mockery of those “fashion rules”. I (also fairly confident others) are appreciative of your stepping out of the box and saying…”see? It’s all good…you can do it too”. Those lemon pants and stripe top look like their make for one another. Win and Win

    1. Hi Cheryl and thank you! Even though I love stepping out of the box and doing something different, I don’t expect everyone to do it. My encouragement would be for women to know that fashion can be so invigorating and FUN, and do so much for our mood! Even if your doing something a tiny bit different, it can make a world of difference, whether it be pattern mixing, a new hair style, or whatever! Thanks always for weighing in! XO

  4. Nope, sadly I’m not a mixed pattern type of gal. However, of the options shown I’d feel comfortable in the third option, top row and probably would have pulled them together if they were in my closet. Possibly the yellow cardigan and striped tee but I wouldn’t remove the cardigan, lol. And, maybe, possibly the one next to it with the vertical stripes. That would be way out of my comfort zone but I’d give it a try. 😉

    Have you always mixed patterns, Shauna? Cute on you!

    1. Dawn, no I’ve not always done this. I’m very much swayed by trends, and just happened to LOVE this one. I have always been brave and on the daring side of fashion, so the mixing of patterns fits right in to me wanting to be bold! It’s definitely not for everyone though! XO

  5. I would mix the patterns, my freak out would be where the leafy area in the pattern ends up in the front private area! That would be the first thing I see in the mirror. No to that! I know crazee!

  6. I love the lemon jeans….so original! I’m 5’3″ and 55 yrs young and I love your style. I wear my outfits similar to yours and I love your originality and short silver hair! I had my hair short for over 40 years; always changing with the short styles of that particular year, but now I’m sporting a grown out pixie bob with my natural grey and curls and I love it. I first found your pic’s on Pinterest and instantly gravitated towards your blog. You’re so vibrant in your clothing selections, but more so, in your personality that comes through in that beautiful smile. You have sass and class! Sassy Shauana! Love from Goodyear, AZ~

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