More of My Fab Velvet Pants Today!

More of my fab velvet pants today! How can it be that I can’t stop wearing these? They just have a way of going on and on and on for me! I always love having a couple of new things that can be turned in to a festive look as I approach the holidays. Do you ever have somewhere FANCY you have to dress for, and don’t have anything to wear? These can be styled SO MANY WAYS, and be that one thing that can save the day! They have been such fun to wear, and they will definitely continue through my holiday season!

Have a HAPPY weekend friends!

My statement earrings are right here!

Shauna XO

5 thoughts on “More of My Fab Velvet Pants Today!

  1. Hi Shauna—one of your Salt Lake City fans/followers here. I purchased the velvet pants on your recommendation. They are festive and comfortable. Thank you for showing another way to wear them. I am 5’1” and am very appreciative of seeing how you style for those of us of petite stature. Maybe see you at City Creek Anthro one of these days!
    Best, -jan

    1. Hi Jan!!!! YES….we have to meet! I would love that! I’m 5’1″ too, and aren’t these pants INCREDIBLE??!!!! I’m smitten by them! LOL! How do you like to wear them? Have an awesome Sunday! XO

  2. I’m in love with the red Mary Jane shoe!!! Used to not be a fan…no more, love them with boyfriend jeans! Those velvet pants… the pattern? …what is that floral or snakeskin? Not that it matters, nicely done with the black top. Good look!

  3. Cheryl, and they are SO SO COMFY too! Now you’ve INSPIRED ME, to style them next with my boyfriend jeans!!!!! XO

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