Hi friends, I’m so excited to tell you about this amazing company……FRESHLY!!!

I hate to cook, in fact I hate to even be in the kitchen! I don’t like the grocery store either….nothing when it comes to food! I try to stay healthy by eating my cereal every day with berries and walnuts, and then I’ll eat whatever is easiest to get to and is still healthy! This company is for people like me! They offer chef-cooked, healthy meals, delivered right to your door! WHAT? Are you kidding??? I sampled four of their meals and was absolutely amazed at the taste, the variety, and the quality of these meals! Each one was delicious and so filling and satisfying! The one I’m eating here is the Shrimp Fajita. The shrimp were so yummy, with roasted bell peppers and sweet onions, fire roasted tomatoes and corn with a creamy Greek yogurt!

My favorite was the Garden Omelet! It had fresh tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, green onions, and Swiss cheese. It’s made from cage-free eggs and was just DELICIOUS!

This is the Southwest Veggie Bowl. It was MORE than filling! It’s loaded with quinoa, wild rice, lentils, corn, sweet potatoes, and black beans. This one could be two meals for me….all vegetarian! The flavors were amazing!!!!!!!!

And the last one I tried was the Sicilian-Style Chicken Parmesan. It’s hard to believe that this chicken wasn’t just out of the oven! It’s so hearty, but still light. The chicken is seasoned with almonds, and then has a yummy marinara sauce and mozzarella! It comes with a generous helping of broccoli which I loved having that many veggies!!!

I’m such a fan of this service! I’m extremely busy, and this allows me to eat fresh and healthy food without all the time involved. When you consider the shopping, prep, and clean-up time it takes to put together a meal, this saves you a tremendous amount of time! Pop them in the microwave, let them sit for a couple of minutes, grab a fork and dig in!!!!! No doubt, you’ll LOVE them!!!


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    1. Kathleen…..BRILLIANT idea! I’m going in very soon for my blown-out knee, so I’ll have to keep this in mind!!! THANK YOU for your comment!!! xo

  1. Sound great!
    I’ve been meaning to ask you what foundation you wear….your skin is beautiful! I have a hard time finding a foundation I love. Would you share the brand?

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