How It All Began…….LaLaLand!

Way back in December, I think it was, I received a message from a fellow blogger Catherine, @catherinegraceo. She had reached out to me with this incredible idea, which at the time I thought it was just a simple little project! However, I didn’t really get Catherine’s vision with this “little” idea and how far she wanted to take it! She doesn’t think little with anything!!! Catherine is one of those tall blonde beauties from California. She’s a super model-type with her long legs and blonde hair! She is the sweetest thing and so kind and wants to help EVERYONE, hence the campaign was born……the Fierce 50!

The purpose of the Fierce 50 Campaign would be to gather 50 women bloggers over the age of 50, and post about one another on the 50th day of the year. This would be to promote other women, and to collaborate and not compete. Brilliant!!!

In January, this month in particular was a difficult one for me. I almost canceled my trip to meet Catherine for a few days to discuss and plan the campaign. Thank heavens I didn’t, because it turned out to be one of those times that I grew in every way, and walked away stronger and more FIERCE!!! Catherine picked me up that afternoon at the hotel in her Jeep, along with another darling and feisty blogger, @the middlepageblog, Cathy. She has the most beautiful flaming red hair and darling accent! And I love her cute sense of humor!!! These two ladies are now two of my BEST FRIENDS and I’m safe to say we mesh like no other!

It was like long lost friends….seriously it was!!! We talked and talked until late in the night, as we all sat in Catherine’s house by a fire, eating a delicious meal! We talked about this idea and how to make it work. Our goal was to change the perception of how the world feels about 50+ year old women. We’re here, we’re alive, we’re beautiful, and we’re going places!!!!! The Fierce 50 is now the Fierce 50 Movement, which allows ALL women to be a part of this community of supporting and sharing with one another!

We gathered again later in March, with the help of CHICOS sponsorship, and made a darling video which depicts our journey along the way……our LaLaLand!! We had the best videographer, Elena @elena.zalevskaya who is fantastic at what she does! You can see the video on my Instagram that I posted yesterday! We all loved our Chicos brand clothing! We dressed in whites, neutrals, and Cathy in her pop of blue! Chicos is the home of many wardrobe building “must-haves”! Their clothing is so well made and constructed, and their jewelry is always a PARTY! We were all so comfy as we danced, twirled, and cruised through the streets of LA and then off to the pier right before sunset! It was a fantastic day full of thrills and giggles!!!

And now, Catherine’s idea of a talk show has come to fruition with the Cat & Kaehler show, with the beautiful and fun-loving Kathy Kaehler. I had the privilege of meeting her at our Chicos picnic! She is an AMAZING intelligent and down to earth girl you’ll ever know! She’s had her own LA radio show called “Fit and Sexy for Life” broadcast on LA Talk Radio, for three years. She was the former fitness correspondent on The Today Show for 14 years, as well as the personal trainer to super stars like Jane Fonda and Jennifer Anniston. She’s genuine and lovely!

Tune in today at 11:00 Pacific Time, to listen on LA Talk Radio with my favorite LA hosts, Catherine and Kathy, with both me and Cathy joining in on the fun! It’ll be an exciting chat for sure!!! If you’re not able to tune in, you can download the podcast and it’s also on iTunes.

Chic Over 50… secret place where I began to breathe, live, and love life! Be confident, be beautiful! xoxo

6 thoughts on “How It All Began…….LaLaLand!

    1. Thank you Kathleen…it has been amazing! You should join our Fierce 50 Revolution Group on Facebook!!!

  1. Fantastic show today! I don’t know what you are talking about girl, your writing is fun, energetic and exactly what we want to read. I felt like I got to know you a little better hearing your adorable voice. I am so happy you got on that plane as well. Love your style and spunk. xoxoxo Fierce 50 sister

    1. Hi Karen….what a nice comment, THANK YOU! This makes me cry! I wish I could share better, EVERYTHING that goes on behind CHIC. Someday. You’re the sweetest to tune in today and support me here! Love you FOREVER! xo

  2. You have no idea how blessed I was today as I learned a bit more about you today! So inspiring that although January brought some bumps you pushed on to get on that plane —- So glad you did and so thankful you shared. Hitting a couple bumps myself and it’s encouraging to know it’s best to just keep walking forward!

    1. Barb! It definitely was a MIRACLE that I did. It was a rough and emotional weekend, but one that strengthened me like no other!!! I hope you are doing well, and YES…..keep pushing!!! Live and get through one more day! Sometimes that’s what I have to do! Are you coming to LA? xo

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