When Life Throws You LEMONS

When life throws you lemons…..

you make yourself some lemonade!

This cute sweatshirt is here and I LOVE it!

The fabric is so soft and drapey, and such a fun one to have to go in to spring with!

Spring’s almost here, right?

And the jeans are called Ellen Petite and are here.

They are from Anthropologie and I think run a little big.

These are my normal size, and just a bit too slouchy…probably should have sized down.

I love that the distressing is not ripped all the way through.

And let’s talk about life giving you lemons…..

How do you stay optimistic and positive in the face of adversity?

How do we turn this in to something very positive?

I believe that there’s always something to learn through adversity.

I’m always asking myself “what can I learn from this…how can it MAKE ME STRONGER?”

I truly believe that that’s why we are “blessed” with challenges.

They make us BETTER, STRONGER, and they EMPOWER us!

There’s that word again….empowerment!

When we have to dig deep, we become more refined.

Take one day at a time, one hour at a time, and one step at a time.

Make each step count!

And I always, ALWAYS…..like to talk to God!