When your teammate is in the fight of her life…..



My tennis girls are just like family to me.

A few weeks ago, one of them learned she has cancer.

A lump showed up that was unnoticed in a mammogram, because of dense breast tissue.

She only had one a few months ago, and it was undetected.

She went in because of a little pain, something bothering her, her intuition perhaps,

and there it was, and now in her bones.

She has the MOST WICKED FOREHAND on our team!

And if anyone can kick this in the butt………….it would definitely be her!

Nothing, absolutely nothing puts your life in perspective, like this!

We will miss her out on the courts playing with us,

and believe me, she’ll be there if AT ALL possible!

We love her, support her, and FIGHT WITH HER!!!!!!!!!!

Go B…… can do it girl, YOU CAN DO IT!


4 thoughts on “FIGHTING With Her!

  1. Sending my very best energy and happy vibes in the direction of your friend. She sounds like a fighter, and with a team like you all supporting her, I hope she does very well with her treatment. Warmest greetings and love.

    1. Thank you Gerda…..she will need it! There’s nothing like a group of friends to LOVE and SUPPORT you through your toughest trials!!!!!!! xo

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