Lace and Textured Winter Whites

I LOVE wearing Winter Whites and especially when they have texture like lace and chunky knits! Do you all ever get tired of all the darkness that winter brings? Where I live it gets darker earlier, and then just all the black when it comes to fashion can just be way too much DARKNESS….and I’m sure so people don’t have to worry about the mud splats up on the back of their pants! Wearing winter whites can be so uplifting and refreshing!

I stumbled upon this dress and sweater at a local boutique a couple of weeks ago. It’s called Bohme. I had heard of it before but hadn’t ever been in. I just happened to see it while I was traveling a couple of weeks ago, and decided to go and take a peek. I think it may be my NEW FAVORITE store! They have such cute things, and the price point is AMAZING! Definitely won’t ruin your budget!

I found this sweet little lace dress that could be worn ALL YEAR LONG! I LOVED it with this big chunky sweater over the top. Such a fun way to wear the dress during the winter months! And now for my FASHION TIP FRIENDS…..if your top (or sweater in this case) is too big and loose, you take one of those little girl’s tiny clear rubber bands, pull it tight and put the band around it to hold it. You’ll never see the band, and then you get this cute little bunch up with the sweater! Cute right???

I also got the CUTEST BOYFRIEND JEANS that I posted on Instagram yesterday along with a cute GRAPHIC SWEATSHIRT. Together both are under $85. The sweatshirt I have big plans for with this graphic skirt! SO CUTE, right?? I LOVE graphic tees and sweatshirts!!! They have such a youthful vibe!!! And let me just say these jeans are SO GOOD! The rips, frays, and fit are perfect!

Hope you all enjoy your Sunday!

Shauna XO

3 thoughts on “Lace and Textured Winter Whites

  1. I typically respond to your posts on IG rather than here but just had to stop and tell you again, I adore everything about this outfit. The dress, how you tied the sweater, the the textures, the color…just e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g! I have been stalking Boheme Boutique for probably a year on line now. After these past two posts, I can hardly wait to go to their store this summer. Squee!!!

  2. Hi Brynne! SO NICE to hear from you right here!!!! I am so in love with BOHME! I can’t wait to go AGAIN SOON!!! Squeel!!!!! XO

  3. Quick question. I just found your blog and being over 50, I am always looking for ways to up my wardrobe. I love your style. I love the winter whites and wanted to know if you ordered a l/xl in the sweater in order to make it easy to tie. I was going to order the s/xs, but I like the idea of tying it. Thank you so much and I look forward to following along!

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