JC Penney Shopping Trip

JC Penney shopping trips hold a sweet memory for me. My mother sewed most of my clothes growing up. I LOVED that she made them, and that I could choose the fabrics, patterns, and buttons! It was such fun! But I also wished when I was little, that I could have store bought clothes as well. That just didn’t happen very much for me, because I was raised in a large family, and we definitely lived on a budget. But….when I did get the chance to get something “store bought”, our first stop was JC Penney. It was so exciting walking through all of the different departments and especially the clothing and shoe departments!

When I was asked to participate in a campaign for JCPenney, it immediately brought back so many of those fond memories with family! I was thrilled to be on board, and to be able to go shopping again in their stores. I hadn’t been inside of a JC Penney forever! It brought back so many memories! The selection of goods was more than I can remember! They even have a Sephora shop within some of their stores. While I was there, I was able to shop for my grandson, two of my granddaughters, my dad, my mom, and a treat for myself! Talk about one-stop-shopping!!!! Yes it was and SO convenient! This time of year gets so incredibly busy, and so to be able to go in to one store and shop your entire Christmas list, FEELS SO GOOD! And not only that, but the price point is very much within reach!

My shopping included a unicorn robe, legos, men’s ties, women’s jammies, and a little something for myself! I was pleasantly surprised with their selection of women’s jammies. I had been everywhere a couple of weeks ago, and pretty much everything was gone!! 

So BAM…..I’m done! I had the best time shopping at JC Penney!

Shauna XO 

7 thoughts on “JC Penney Shopping Trip

  1. Shauna I love your Hair I love the wild and spiked look on you it looks beautiful and suits you perfect as every look you do, but this is my favorite. I do do some shopping at JC , it’s a good Store to do shopping for Sporting Goods I live in a small Town our Penney’s is not that big. Keep us posted on all the good stuff. Happy Holiday’s Merry Christmas XOXO.

    1. Rita!!!! Thank heavens for JCPenney in a small town!!!!! An ALL AMERICAN treasure I think!!!! Merry Christmas to you too!!!!!! XO

  2. When you or one of your sisters was little, we bought you a red nylon winter coat with a hood and white lining. It was adorable. When I washed it, the lining was pink. I took it back to the store. They didn’t want the coat, and they gave me a new one. So now you had 2 coats. When i washed the red one, the pink went away and the coat was like new. You can’t beat service like that! xoxo

    1. WOW mom…..that is IMPECCABLE SERVICE for sure. I don’t remember a coat like that, but it sounds ADORABLE!!!! LOVE YOU! XO

  3. Where are you, My Pixie Friend? I missed you this weekend. I hope you had a Merry Christmas! I hope everything is Merry and Bright for you and your precious family.

    Happy New Year! To your continued good health and happiness, every day!

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