It’s Called BrennaB

Hey girlfriends….can you imagine a hands-free clutch??? And can you imagine it being the perfect size for your phone, lipgloss, mints, credit card, and your keys? And what if it had the cutest bracelet that you could wear just alone?!! It would be called FABULOUS, it would be called the BrennaB Bag, and it would be so convenient!!! Have you ever been shopping or at a party, and lost track of your bag? The sheer panic that you feel is awful!!! Well this little bag will solve all of your issues! You see the bag clips on to the bracelet and is as safe as ever!!!!!! GENIUS!!! It’s absolutely an amazing concept!

This is a little bit about the designer…..Brenna B!

The BrennaB bag was created by me, Brenna B. I wanted a simple solution to the problems I found with my handbags when I went out for the evening. I found a wristlet slipped off my wrist easily and my wallet felt exposed. With a clutch, I was always looking for it when I set it down and I never really liked putting it underneath my armpit – eek! A cross body bag cut right through the middle of the front of my outfit – buzz kill. So I designed the BrennaB bag to solve the going out girls issues with handbags. The BrennaB bag is made of quality leathers and functions nicely so you never have to worry about your bag again. With the BrennaB bag, uptown girls can be downtown hip.

You can visit her website here. It comes in black or silver. The interior of the bag has a driver’s license pocket, 2 credit card pockets, and a pocket for your money on one side. The hardware is sturdy and the quality overall, is EXCELLENT!!!

I’m really excited to have this in my collection! It’s SO NICE to know that my most important things are with me at all times, and SAFE! What a great way to get around, right??? Now you can shop away….or party away for that matter, without ANY WORRY of losing your bag!

BrennaB is offering all my friends a 15% discount off your purchase with the code CHIC50!!! Offer is good from today at noon CST through Sunday at midnight!!!

THANK YOU BRENNA B…it’s such a beautiful little thing! I’m in LOVE!!



3 thoughts on “It’s Called BrennaB

  1. So….the bag looks great…. but THAT HAIR is amazing! You look 15 years younger with the pink hair! But I’m a bit biased; hav had my pink hair for 12 months now and it’s not going anywhere…..just have to convince my husband now?

    1. Hi Sharon….isn’t PINK hair the VERY BEST EVER?!! I don’t want mine to go away either!!! #chicpink XO

  2. Hi, I know this post is about the bag, BUT, what jeans are you wearing? I like them! You inspire me to jump “out of the box” and try new things!

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