InvisaWear Can Save Your Life

invisaWear Can Literally Save Your Life | Backed by ADT 

Today I want to talk to you about something that has become very important to me. invisaWear is a company that was started by a young woman who had felt threatened one evening walking home. It turns out that all was ok, and she made it home safely thank heavens. But as she contemplated the vulnerability she had felt at that moment….. she started InvisaWear.

Soon after, invisaWear was born, and is now available to anyone who could find themself in a situation where they’re uncomfortable or need an alert system, whether that’s walking alone to your car after girls night out or calling for help if you’ve fallen and can’t get up. In fact, I wish my mama had this in her later years. It could have made such a difference, and I would have worried much less about her. Plus, she’d actually enjoy wearing it!

Let Me Tell You How InvisaWear Works….

This necklace looks just as pretty as any of your favorite pieces of jewelry that you would pull out to accessorize with. Nobody would ever know, that the back of the charm has a hidden button that, when you clicked twice, could help save your life.

invisaWear is backed by ADT Security. This is a security company I’m sure you’ve all heard about….. probably helped protect your home at some point. Now they’ve backed invisaWear so I can have that same security wherever I go. I set mine up so that when I double click my invisaWear charm, ADT alerts authorities and five of my chosen emergency contacts with my location.

InvisaWear Can Save Your Life

InvisaWear Can Save Your Life

They have so many different styles. You can wear the necklace alone, or put the charm inside of a pocket on the wristband which works great while out running. The wristband fits really comfortably on your wrist. Wear it this way to the gym as well! My invisaWear will be so great to have while I’m traveling too! If you have loved ones in your life who are seniors with dexterity issues, invisWear just added a necklace that doesn’t have a latch!


I’m too safe…. said no one ever! That’s why invisaWear provides more features that are available with an optional premium subscription. They are all awesome! You can livestream with an ADT agent who can virtually walk with you to your car late at night. You can also set up a timer if you’re going for a run or jog. If the timer expires and you haven’t checked in, ADT will check on you and alert authorities if they can’t confirm you’re safe! And, you get virtual self-defense classes every month! How cool is it to know that InvisaWear is empowering you to be safer in so many ways! What incredible peace of mind!!

This jewelry from invisaWear CAN LITERALLY HELP SAVE YOUR LIFE! With just TWO CLICKS you can discreetly let ADT know that you need help! I’m not going to leave anything to chance….. ESPECIALLY my safety!!! If you want to take control of your safety or make sure your loved ones can quickly call for help if they need it, look no further than InvisaWear!

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Shauna XO