How I Updated My Pixie

How I Updated My Pixie


I have been in quite a funk with my pixie. Maybe it’s because it’s spring and I feel like a refresh? Maybe it’s more just because I’m bored? I’m not sure why, because to everyone else it always looks the same! But in my head, it just needed a little something something! I’ve been thinking of the options, and not many for short hair!

It seems I go through this funk, every year or so with my pixie. I love it and it’s easy and it suits me and all of the things. But I still love to mix it up some every now and then. Since blogging, it now has become my signature, and so there’s a certain pressure to keep it the same. People tend to have a passionate opinion when it comes to my hair, but I kind of like that!


One of my options was to grow it out. I just mean the length on top. It will always be cut short around my hairline. What I do is….. I’ll start the process and get maybe four months in to it, and then one day be so fed up, I’ll go ANYWHERE to get it cut. My hair looks completely different when it’s long. It’s heavy and flat and just so blah! I always think that “THIS TIME I’ll get it to a place where I’m happy”, but it NEVER works. I’m meant for short hair.

The other option was PINK! I went pink several years ago for quite some time. That blog is HERE. I think it was pink for close to a year! It was fun and sassy and definitely me. It was a little harder to keep up with the color. PINK fades really fast! I would go in and get it done, and by the time my four week mark hit (when I get it cut) it was very pastel pink. So it never lasts long. That’s why I tell women who are on the fence….. DO IT. It will seriously be gone in just a few weeks!


I LOVED the way it turned out! I felt like it was the perfect shade…. not too much, but just enough! The only problem was, when I washed it a couple of days later, it pretty much came out! Yikes!! That was an EXPENSIVE two and a half days of pink! I realized that updating my pixie was going to be EXPENSIVE!


So this is what I’ve decided to try. This is all because I want to avoid any bleaching. Bleaching will open the pores of the hair so it can take the color and be more permanent, but it’s also really hard on your hair, as I’m sure most of you know!

How I Updated My Pixie

I’ve ordered THIS. I’ve used it before to maintain my pink. I’m going to use this semi-permanent conditioner every couple of days instead of my normal conditioner. I’m hoping it will be just enough pink to keep me happy. If not, then I’m willing to look in to other ways of coloring it. This conditioner by the way, comes in NINETEEN COLORS!

How I updated my pixie

The PINK is so much fun. HERE is the blog from when I very first went pink. I DID NOT have to change my makeup palate, and I DID NOT have to change what colors I normally wore. I was a bit surprised by that, but I just went on the same as before, and everything seemed to work just fine!

So we’ll see how well it works out for me to just put THIS TEMPORARY CONDITIONER in myself every few days or so. I’ll let you know. One good thing about doing it that way, is that it will stay on the lighter side. I didn’t love being the very dark pink color, every time I had it done back a few years ago. It was too much, but I always knew it would fade quick, and soon be the shade I was after.

This is HARLEY my stylist from a few years ago before I moved. Great girl at Landis Salon in Sugarhouse!


So that’s how I updated my pixie. Do you get bored with your hair? Do you like changing it up often, or are you content with having your hair be the same year after year? Tell me, I’d love to know!

Shauna XO



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  1. I did have my pixie eggplant at one time. The maintenance was so hard that I just said to heck with it. Now I love my silver and find it to be dramatic enough. If I need a change, I buy a vibrant top!

    1. Kathy YES…. I love your idea! Having any kind of color in your hair is very high maintenance for sure. I remember when covid broke out, being so grateful that I didn’t need my stylist to help me maintain my hair. The white underneath is all natural. This conditioner though, is a SUPER EASY WAY to add some temporary color without any hassle! Anyway….. have a WONDERFUL weekend! XO

    2. I do change it up. I mostly wear a pixie as well. It is longer right now and I have had it. Was going tomorrow but I just found out that I have Covid again despite being vaccinated and boosted. So now I will go next week. I showed your hair to my stylist and it is just way to curly to do it.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I have heard about this conditioner. Looking forward to seeing how your hair color works for you. I love following you.

    1. Hi Julie…. THANK YOU! That’s so sweet of you to say! So far I’ve loved it. In fact I canceled a hair appointment where my hair stylist was going to bleach and then add pink. I’ve found that this conditioner is working great and keeps it more on the lighter side of pink. So we’ll see. Thank you for following along, and we’ll talk to you soon! XOXO

  3. It’s great to know others have “hair funks”! I wear my hair really short also and I go through the same thing! Short layers then longer layers then back to short again. It’s the same cycle! So I really appreciate and relate! I’m not gutsy enough for the pretty colors. I love your website keep on blogging!

    1. Oh yes Linda….. HAIR FUNKS OFTEN! 🙂 And yes, long layers and then short layers, and so on!!! Glad you can relate! These colors here, in this conditioner, can be as subtle as you want them. Put it in and leave in for just a minute and wash out. Do it on a weekend when you’re not going anywhere maybe? Not for everyone, but sure can change it up quick!!! Have a LOVELY WEEK! And…. thank you for stopping by! XO

  4. Love your hair and it looks so great on you! Pink! What fun to do. I really like the idea of being able to wash it out!
    I wish on some days to be able to do short as it seems so much easier to be able to just wash, condition, mousse, air dry and out the door. Unfortunately my hair is so fine, limp, and I seems to have tons of cal licks all over my head.
    My hair is … an interesting color … it’s all natural. I was a golden blond when I was young but living in Washington state many years, it got darker. Now I’m back in California sunshine and the darker parts have turned yellowish gray blonde. The back and under layer is dark blonde. They say that women “should” not have yellow gray hair, but I do and it looks natural.
    I met (a golfer no doubt) a lady that colors her hair dark blackish brown but her hair dresser leaves her a natural white streak on top side (from her forehead) of her head. She looks fabulous, young and hip! So cool.
    As we get older we can do so much more with our hair and not wear it in an “old lady” style and color. As we age, we kind of become invisible, especially to men.
    Photos below taken last Friday after my haircut. I finally got my hair layered. I was so please with my new haircut. I was going to a younger stylist but her prices kept going up and up to $75 plus tip 😱. New stylist charged me $30 plus tip. I was in and out of the salon in 30 minutes and it’s 10 minutes from home. One of the photos is straight hair and one is after I curled it.
    Thank you for your newsy newsletters. Keep them going as your time allows. Nice to talk about fashion, hair, make up and dresses.
    Happy Easter and have a good week.
    Palm Desert 🌵


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    1. Hello Betty… THANK YOU so much for your looooong comment! 🙂 I don’t know that there has ever been one longer! That’s AWESOME! I think even with fine hair you could find a short style that would work, but if you are more comfortable with longer, then that’s best I guess. But certainly it’s easy! Funny about the lady you met with dark hair and a white streak. I had that naturally in my hair from birth. It was a birthmark from my mother’s side of the family. My two boys have it and all kinds of relatives and some siblings too. It was right in the front. I can’t see your pics here, but I’m sure it looks fantastic! And I don’t think we should ever become invisible….. EVER! I’m so happy you love my newsletter!!!! THANK YOU for your support Betty! Maybe some time we can meet! XO

  5. Hello! I have to tell you I had a platinum pixie a few years ago and I came across your blog posting showing you with your pink hair color and you inspired me and for the Christmas holiday I went and had my hair dyed pink ! It really lifted and I had the color become a cotton candy pink / it was so fun and I was also feeling the need for a change! It was so fun and got me through the cold winter days in Iowa. Life is to short to not have fun with your hair ! I believe it’s the best thing to do for oneself! Thank you for inspiring us women! Happy Spring ! 🌸💗🌸

    1. Hi Denise! My FAVORITE shade of pink when it comes to my hair is also that cotton candy pink! It’s so pretty and doesn’t feel too over-the-top! It’s definitely a PICK ME UP!!!! You should keep it now that spring is here, yes?? Hair CAN BE so much fun to experiment with for sure! Happy SPRING to you girl, and come back again soon!!!! XO

  6. I love the pink and I ordered that dress…for me. Thanks for all that you do for us .

    1. Glenda that’s awesome and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for stopping by. Come back again soon! Have a wonderful week! XO

  7. Hi Shauna, I can Totally relate to hair funk!!! I’ve had a pixie for years, then grew it as I was bored with it, then got it short again, then went asymmetrical (half long half short – best of both 😁) then inevitably got bored of that and it’s now in a bob….only grew that due to lockdown…but now bored with that! I’ve even thought about getting a wig but it’s too itchy! 🤣 I’m honestly never happy with my hair and looking back at old photos 😮 I’m like who let me out with hair like that!! I’ve tried lots of colours too but …meh.

    You always look so funky and amazing…the pink is gorgeous and I like you with your platinum look too. Thanks fir being such an inspiration 😊 xx

    1. Sharon in a way I really like that you get bored easy. Out of anything when it comes to middle-aged women…. HAIR in my opinion, doesn’t get changed up enough. Women have had the same hair for years and years and YEARS. I think that’s what I’m afraid of in a way, is the same hair for YEARS too! So girl….. way to mix it up! I’m sure it’s beautiful!!!!!!! Thanks for your comment, and come back again soon, ok? XO

  8. I have a short pixie cut and stopped coloring my hair about 20 years ago. It was the best decision I ever made. Been toying with the thought of doing some pink streaks in the front just for a change even though I am still working. I like to look through Pinterest super short pixie cuts for ideas of how to make some small changes in my super short hair.

    1. Hi Sophia, PIXIE cuts are so much fun! This conditioner here that I’ve posted can be super soft. I would think that it could work in any office type setting. You should definitely try!!! It’s really so much fun!!!! Age is JUST A NUMBER girlfriend! Come back again soon!!! XO

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