I’m In LOVE With Pink

It’s no secret, that I’m in LOVE with PINK! I love it so much, I put a touch of it back in my hair for Valentines Day. Did you know that the color pink is thought to be a calming color associated with LOVE, KINDNESS, and FEMININITY. Many people immediately associate the color with all things feminine and girly. And I love to feel and be girly!!

You’ve seen that I have the hardest time wearing basic neutral colors. Like this picture for example….. I loved the idea of the black jeans and vest, with the lip-print shirt. When I put it on though, I HAD to have some color somewhere. I chose these PINK suede boots and suddenly I felt complete or at least more comfortable than the all black ensemble.

What is it with color? Some are fine without it, but NOT ME! Even if this outfit had black or neutral shoes, I would need a scarf or some bright jewelry to punch things up. But then there are others who only wear neutrals and they ALWAYS look BEAUTIFUL! I believe it’s all what we’re comfortable with! And remember if we’re comfortable we’ll look and feel MORE CONFIDENT!

February is such a short month, and it is the month of PINK (and RED), I wanted to post some PRETTY PINK! If you don’t want to be over the top in pink, but still want to wear it, I always tell people to wear it with accessories (jewelry, scarves, shoes, bags). Even if you prefer a very neutral look… add some pretty pink earrings! Here is some great PINK LIPGLOSS!


There are some super cute things here! Hover over and click to link to the item. There are so many things I’m in LOVE with here…. tulle skirt, suede boots, and what about the pink jumpsuit?

Shauna XO

6 thoughts on “I’m In LOVE With Pink

  1. “What is it with color? Some are fine without it, but NOT ME!”

    I think about this a lot, Shauna! I wonder how much of it has to do with our upbringing. From what you’ve said about your parents, they were very supportive and encouraged you to be you. My mother was exactly the opposite…extremely judgmental and critical of me. She’d accuse me of wanting to draw attention to myself when that had never even entered my mind. I think it made me overly self conscious about how I present myself and is the reason I dress more conservatively than I would otherwise. The funny thing is that my home is very colorful…I think you’d like it, lol!

    1. Dawn…. what an interesting thought. I grew up with seven brothers and two sisters, so maybe the bright and colorful side of me came from needing to be seen in such a large family?!!! I bet you’re right though. The way you felt as a child and what you heard from others I’m sure plays a huge part in the way we present ourselves. I’m positive I would love your home! My home is actually all very white and neutral! But I do love my pops of color! Thank you so much for stopping by! Take care Dawn! XO

  2. Hi Shauna, I love the pink in your hair! My hair is a similar color and I’d love to have a splash of pink in it! Do you use a temporary color? Would love all the details!💕

  3. Dawn, I think you are probably on to something. My father was an interior decorator and I thankfully inherited his creativity. Both my parents always told us three girls we could be anything we wanted, that they would always be proud of us as long as we were staying true to ourselves and of course the Catholic came out…being good girls. My mom used to say there is no shame in honest hard work which just meant we didn’t need a big title to be successful in their eyes, we were judged by our character and our hearts, I had strict parents, there were rules but above all unconditional love! So I am the glitzy, glam, faux fur, animal print, fun colors, bling girl. Now I love black but it always has a touch of magpie. Magpie is a nickname my baby sister gave me because I am drawn to shiny, pretty objects and bring them home to my nest. I am fortunate to have a husband who accepts and loves me for it.

  4. I am a breast cancer survivor. 6 years! Funny but while going through surgery, chemo and rads I absolutely hated anything about pink. The whole pink ribbon 🎀 turned me off. But now my home is all neutral with pops of pink every where. Hot, pastel, fushia. Anything pink. I just love it and now I don’t correlate anything pink with my journey. Signed A Warrior Queen. 🌸

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