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Similar lace pants are HERE.

FRIENDS….. I wanted to reach out to you for some inspiration. As we are approaching the new year, I was hoping to get some feedback on what sort of blogs you would like here. This will really help me provide content for you that will be inspiring and WHAT YOU WANT!

I’ve always loved talking fashion, and this will always be MORE about fashion than anything else. But of course we can go anywhere here. We could talk travel, home decor, lifestyle, organization, health, fitness, diet, and of course fashion too. The possibilities are endless.

When I first started my blog, I wanted to talk mostly about midlife and inspiring women who seem to have mastered the step in to the middle-aged category. But as I reached out to other women, they weren’t comfortable with me talking about them!

I’m the kind of person that is always watching and observing other people. And so I’m constantly inspired! I think it’s fascinating learning about other people, mostly women my age! So….. IF you have some ideas of what you’d like me to chat about here, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

In the meantime……. here are some of my FAVORITE THINGS at the moment!

There are some great items here, and actually some I’m really drooling over. I may have to get to the shopping again friends. I mean what about that DARLING green sweater right in the middle with the pompoms on the collar? It’s to stinkin cute and SO REASONABLY priced!!! Anyway, I know we’re all getting tired of shopping right not, but always fun too, to find a great deal on something SUPER FUN! Take care friends, and remember to follow me on Instagram @chicover50

Shauna XO

P.S. Remember too…… I WANT SOME INSPIRATION FROM YOU! I really mean it!

16 thoughts on “I Want Some Inspiration From You

  1. I especially love features that show 3+ ways to wear something. I also like hair tips, seasonal decor ideas, accessories and profiles of interesting women.

    1. Kathy I can’t tell you enough THANK YOU VERY MUCH! This is incredibly helpful! Wishing you all the very best this season and come back again soon! XOXO

  2. I have the Mac lipsticks, I love it.
    I love your style, I’m planning on doing a total re do of me in 2022, including losing weight and getting in shape, I just turned 60, so I’m ready for a new me. So I would love tips on dieting and exercise, and also on how to keep focused and motivated.
    Thanks, merry Christmas,

    1. Darla you have some BIG PLANS for 2022!!!! That is SO AWESOME! No matter where we are in life, reinventing ourselves is SO INVIGORATING! So kudos to you! I’ve got some blogs planned already for January on how I plan to be healthier as well…… so stay tuned! Thank you so much for your input. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  3. Hi Shauna! Hard to believe we are about to wave farewell to 2021. Always enjoy your posts. One thing I’m curious about is how you organize your wardrobe. I think you have some cooler temps-not as cold as us here in the Upper Midwest-so wondering how you keep seasonable things accessible and easy to find.
    One thing I need to do is a closet update and reorganization so looking for advice. Do I hang up more tops or keep them in the drawer? What about scarves and other accessories? How do you keep things categorized?
    Thanks as always for your fun ideas and inspiration. And a very Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

    1. Hi Pam! YES YES to organization! I thought I was organized until I met my assistant Ali! She is a MASTER when it comes to this. I have just recently moved and so had to go through allllllllll my things and get rid of a lot and then organize what I kept. I actually DO HAVE PLANNED a blog on this coming up soon! THANK YOU for letting me know what interests YOU! I really do appreciate it, and HAVE A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY SEASON, and yay for a brand new year 2022!!!!! Xoxoxo

  4. I really love all the different styles you show that can be worn several different ways, I’m going to be turning 60 this year and you’ve inspired me to dress the way I love and what makes me feel good , I live a in a really cold climate, northern Canada 🇨🇦 Where temps can dip to -30 Celsius , so fashion has to be layers. Thank you so much for your inspiration. Merry Christmas 🎄 to you and your family and all the best in 2022!

    1. Shirley I LOVE to be able to help women BE WHO THEY WANT TO BE!!!! Thank you so much for your comment. We as women can be so hard on ourselves. I feel in a way, that it’s taken me years to be comfortable with who I am. You stay WARM up there in Canada and HAPPY AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! Xoxoxoxo

  5. Love your style and confidence! I’d love to see business dressing as I work in a medical office. Also, would love to see your hair stylist’s “instructions” to copy your pixie! My stylist has tried three or four times and it’s just not there! Top is too short or sides too long or something just not right! I even sent him your video of drying it to help but my top is still too short. So a cutting tutorial would be great! And finally, nutrition! What do you eat to keep looking so fresh? I workout daily but my skin just doesn’t look as great as yours!

    1. Katie… first of all, THANK YOU! What a nice comment and lots to talk about here! People have been trying to do my pixie for a long time, and just a different hair texture can change the way it will look, even if cut the very same. So I would just keep tweaking it. I can see maybe if she’d let me film her actually cutting it. I’ll check! Second nutrition. There will be some blogs coming on that too. I have to really work on it all the time. I’m not perfect, but I don’t give up and always want to do better. I also know what I can get away with and what I can’t, which could be a big part of the puzzle too. Take care sweet friend, and again thank you for your suggestions! They are definitely heard over here, and I really do want to be writing about what y’all want to hear! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! XOXO

  6. I look forward to your blog every Sunday. I am 56 and would love continued fashion advice that is on the casual side. I teach piano and I want to be very comfortable, but put together. I love your personal thoughts. They are helpful in my own life. I am going to make a vision board this year and would love suggestions on attaining big goals. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Tiffany…. THANK YOU! I’ll be writing a lot about GOALS and NEW BEGINNINGS coming up in January! The hardest part I find in attaining a goal, is the VERY FIRST STEP. If you can take one step towards your goal, you are on your way!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS and we’ll see you soon! And THANK YOU for your input! XOXO

  7. Hi Shauna,
    I love your sense of style and that definitely inspires me. Shoes are one area I struggle since I no longer can wear heels. Many years of dancing have torn up my knees and feet. I DO NOT wear geriatric looking shoes, but need some inspiration with style. I wear boots a lot in the winter (knee high, lug boots etc.) but also need some inspiration with comfy, but stylish flats that have some support.

    1. Hi Lynn, WHAT A GREAT TOPIC! Thank you!! That is something I think about as well, so I’m sure helpful to many out there. There are some good options, so I will for sure do a blog on that! After-all….. shoes are always the icing on the cake!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! XO

  8. Hi Shauna!
    Enjoy your sense of fun and whimsy and “ devil may care” attitude.
    I would like to see a guest blog(s) where you feature real women that aren’t cute and tiny and petite like you.
    I am 5’9” and medium/large framed. Clothes that look great on you would not suit me.
    I can adapt the idea of “ whimsy and fun” for sure, but I have to translate that to my frame and my size.
    Perhaps featuring women that fit more variety might be helpful so we can get inspired that way?
    I can’t relate to your cute little body type- I see your cute outfit and say” that looks great on HER, but would look ridiculous on me” sometimes I am just too non creative to see what I “ could” wear- ya know!”?

    Just an idea

    1. Lauralee….. I TOTALLY GET IT! In fact when I first started this blog, that was my idea. I said a little something about it up above. But when I reached out to other women, they weren’t at all comfortable in me sharing them. But I suppose I could try again and see what happens. I do think most women are very visual and need to see in order to believe it could work for them! Thank you for your idea and ENJOY YOUR CELEBRATIONS! XO

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