How To Take Seasonal To Everyday

How To Take Seasonal To Everyday


Do you have seasonal clothes? Clothes that are only for Christmas or perhaps Halloween or maybe the New Year? It has always driven me crazy to have clothes in my closet that just sit there, waiting for the next season to come. As a matter of fact I’m such an advocate for being able to wear your clothes multiple ways.

I LOVED this skirt for Valentine’s Day. However, do you think you could wear it everyday? I feel like it’s a pretty easy one to style in ways that DON’T say Valentine’s Day. And that is precisely why I bought it. Also I love to be able to take something, maybe even something really challenging, and style it in unexpected ways.

Let me show you with this skirt, how I would do that. With the turtleneck I’m wearing, well that’s an easy one! Wear it with jeans, skirts, or any of your pants. But what about the skirt? How would you wear it? Can you think of three ways? Learn how to take seasonal to everyday with these ideas…..


Of course the first thing I thought of was to wear it with a sweatshirt and casual shoes. I will always love this sort of styling…. juxtaposition. This sweatshirt is ON SALE and ADORABLE as ever! I would just wear a plain white tank underneath. The patent leather loafers are perfect for a casual look worn with some fishnet ankle socks! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


This is another way to wear it in a dressed down way. I’ve paired it with this cute plaid and stars shirt. This brand by the way, is really good and well worth the price. I have a couple of their shirts and they are made with the softest fabric and are timeless. Additionally if you wanted to dress it up some, change out the boots and wear black heels!


Thirdly is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! You could wear it to a wedding, to a semi-formal function, or just out with your special someone for a special occasion. The top could be worn even with the most rugged jeans and these same heels and look SO SO CUTE! And what about these dramatic earrings?!! This one is FUN!

So ladies….. know how to take seasonal to everyday! You’ll be so much happier with the clothing in your closet!!!!! In like manner have fun with what you have!

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Shauna XO

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