How To Freshen Up Your Makeup

how to freshen up your makeup

how to freshen up your makeup


Are you in need of some kind of something, something? I can get very bored with how I look…. my hair, my clothes, and MY MAKEUP! Changing up your makeup routine can be one of the least expensive ways to add that something extra that you’ve been looking for!

Makeup can be relatively inexpensive, and a great way to feel updated! I have always loved playing with makeup and experimenting with new things. I’ve never been one to wear a LOT of it, but I do love the way it can enhance my features, and for me it makes me feel better! I hardly ever go without it, even if it’s just some CC Cream, mascara, and gloss.

I like to follow trends. It’s fun to play around and see if they work for me. These trends below will give you some ideas to tryout for yourself. Not everything will work, and maybe not any at all. But makeup can transform the way you look, and be a really fun way to freshen up your makeup and your look.

how to freshen up your makeup


BRIGHT COLORED BLUSH-  Blush is here and in bold colors like peach or pink. Blend it in to the apples of your cheeks and drag up to your temple. You can even use these bright punchy colors on your eyes! THIS is my favorite! It has a lot of pigment so just a little is needed!

EXTRA GLOSSY LIPS- Lipgloss is my favorite! I usually choose reds, pinks, and peaches. They are easy to use and can be the most inexpensive thing in your makeup bag. MY GLOSSES are the best long-lasting and shiniest!

COLORED EYELINER- This is super fun, and a great way to add just a touch of bold color. Choose a complimentary color to your eyes. I like to use BLUE. These are FABULOUS!

NO MAKEUP MAKEUP- This is fresh and natural looking and so easy for spring and summer, or if you’re just at home but want to look nice. Tinted moisturizer or CC Cream, mascara, and gloss for me! All of THESE gloss shades are beautiful NATURAL colors! I have several that I use! BRONZER is another way to wear this look. I use just a bit over my CC Cream and sometimes just by itself.

COLORED SHADOW over your entire lid can be a fun and fresh update too. THIS periwinkle color is subtle and so beautiful with hazel or brown eyes!


I love to learn about how other women do their makeup. It’s a process that we all get comfortable with as we learn what works best for us. I have a definite routine and so many times, if I go away from that routine…. I’ll forget something. Either my brows, my primer, or highlighter, perhaps my blush, something! Do you have a routine? What about certain brands? Which do you use, a brush or your fingers? Do you wear makeup everyday? I’d love to know in the comments!!

You’ve probably heard me say before, that if I was stranded on a desert island and could only have one thing, it would be LIPGLOSS! SHOP MY BRAND OF GLOSSES HERE!

Shauna XO

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