how my stepchildren have blessed my life

Never in a zillion years would I have thought that I would be a step-mom someday. In fact this is one of the things that horrified me whenever I thought of the possibility of a divorce. There were many things that kept me in my first marriage, unfortunately the wrong things. Marrying another man and then inheriting his family was just something that I wasn’t interested in. The seemingly struggles were just more than I ever wanted to deal with.

how my stepchildren have blessed my life
Newest Member Of The GROW Family!
How my stepchildren have blessed my life

My first husband used to tell me that if I ever chose to divorce, I would just be marrying another guy with the “same problems”. He would say, “Every guy is like I am!” Insert an EYEROLL here!!!!! The sad thing was, I believed him! Every divorce I knew about, it was primarily the guy’s issues that caused the divorce, and I thought the chances of finding a GOOD GUY would be nearly impossible.


Well, I’m here to say that there was an AMAZING MAN out there for me, and he just happened to come with an AMAZING FAMILY! I actually met my husband’s daughter (via DM’s) before I met him. She was the one that told me all about their family, how many kids, where they lived, and what they did. She even sent me pictures of most everyone, including all of his siblings. Everything checked out VERY GOOD. However, I wondered could it possibly be true??? This was one of the reasons I was so interested in meeting him in person.

how my stepchildren have blessed my life
Very First Picture Taken With My SOON-TO-BE New Family
Officially My Family…. Our Wedding
With The Girls!


My stepchildren have blessed my life! They have shown me the upmost respect. I’ve always felt they’re interested in what I do. They have gone out of their way to make me feel a part of their family. They have supported me and understood when I can’t always be there for them because of my workload. I actually couldn’t ask for more!

I’ve heard all the stories, and they haven’t been a part of my experience. And yes I feel very lucky. I raised three sons. I only got girls when I had my grandchildren. I’ve thought a lot about when I’m really old, with not having daughters. Would I be taken care of and feel a son’s love and support when I’m older? It has been a serious question in my mind and quite honestly it has worried me. Now with my stepdaughters, I don’t feel quite as much worry. Even though they are my daughters through my husband, they are loving enough to be there for me WHENEVER I need them….. even when I’m old! That’s just who they are.

I LOVE my sons dearly. And now I can say that I LOVE my stepchildren dearly as well. I never thought I would say that, but it’s now my reality and SO TRUE. They are all such great kids and I’m truly grateful for all the love they’ve thrown my way!!!

He Just Happened To Come With An Amazing Family!

Shauna XO

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NOTE: I wish I could post pictures more often of my own family, but due to their wishes of privacy, that’s why you don’t see much. I LOVE THEM ALL DEARLY!


  1. I also have a family of step children that I love dearly, we are one big happy family , at all our family gatherings. I have a question , I’m 62 and I work out regularly , when I see you in shorts you don’t have wrinkly skin, what do you use to prevent the wrinkly old skin on your legs?

    1. Hello Susan, it’s fast becoming the MODERN FAMILY! Sounds like you are happy and thriving! That gives hope to so many people out there! I feel BLESSED beyond! About my skin…… it definitely has wrinkles and definitely has cellulite, has it all. But I also have good muscle tone and sunless tanning lotion really does help too!!!! But, thank you! Come back again soon and bless you and your family!!! XO

  2. I was not able to have my own children but God blessed me with 2 daughters from my husband and now I have 2 grandsons. When one door closes…..many are opened. So happy that you have more children to love!

  3. Hi DJ! God sure does have a way of BLESSING our lives, doesn’t He? I like to say, “He’s in the details!” So happy for you! And yes it’s a good thing to have MORE CHILDREN TO LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by! XO

  4. Unable to have children of my own, I gained the children of my heart with my second marriage. They have been wonderful to me and the joy they have brought into my life is immeasurable. Congrats to you Shauna…

    1. Hello June…. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! I LOVE the word IMMEASURABLE!!! Thank you for your comment and come back again soon! Have a wonderful week June! XO

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