How Do You Feel About Leggings?

How Do you feel about leggings…. it’s such a hot topic and people seem to either be really FOR or really AGAINST! I say YES…. you see me in them all the time! But I do have my guidelines and my opinions about HOW TO WEAR THEM!!! I DON’T THINK they are for everyone, and I do believe there are ways to wear them appropriately!

I don’t know that I’ll always feel comfortable in leggings, but for now… certain styles and looks I’m still game! Did you know that there is an actual NATIONAL LEGGINGS DAY??? I didn’t know that until just a week or so ago. Who knew? But leggings are what everyone seems to be wearing MORE of right now.

The reason I love these from CHICOS, is because they are NOT SEE-THROUGH, they have a FABULOUS print, and they are on the DARK side. Would I wear a lighter shade? It just depends. You’ll see coming up in the next couple of weeks, how I would do that!

If you’ve never worn leggings, THESE are the perfect place to start. The basic black pair that work with EVERYTHING! They are fantastic, great quality and comfortable! You can almost treat these as a basic black pant. I would wear them dressed up with heels and a long top underneath with a blazer over the top! I actually had Nicea, from Good Things Utah, wear this look on my last segment on that program here in Utah! She looks professional but can then wear them with her sneakers!

This is Nicea rocking leggings with a blazer!

Want some that OVER-THE TOP??? What about these? I love the roughness and texture, and think they would be darling with cowboy boots! Actually I can see these with heels, booties, and sneakers too! Below are a couple of ways to style leggings….



The biggest thing about leggings is…. YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE CONFIDENCE TO WEAR THEM OR THEY WON’T WORK! If you don’t feel comfortable in them…. DON’T WEAR THEM! It’s so important to feel confident in WHATEVER you are wearing! Leggings don’t have to be a part of your wardrobe!!! But…. IF you like them, I’ve linked a dozen pair for you below that I would wear in a heartbeat!!! THESE white ones are so CHIC….. I may have to order!

Shauna XO

14 thoughts on “How Do You Feel About Leggings?

  1. LOVE leggings! Yesterday I had a lunch date immediately after my Pilates class. The incredibly awesome Costco leggings have a subtle black/grey animal print. Paired them with a black tee, Chico’s denim jacket with amazing lining and faux fur collar, boots and jewelry. I got lots of compliments at lunch and no one was the wiser that I’d just come from a Pilates class! 😉 (I agree they are not for everyone!)

    1. Dawn! WELL DONE….. you know exactly how to take your leggings up a notch!!!! BRAVO girl! And don’t you think it feels so good to be able to have such versatile clothes??? Take care!! XO

      1. Leggings with tall boots and Blazers work perfectly for my preppie/ classic preferences. And they are great for the occasional flamboyant moment too.

      1. I only wear faux leather and patent leather leggings. But they feel so very comfortable! Love to wear them. Great idea to wear them with a blazer.

    1. Hi Monica….. they are so fun, right? They didn’t last long. They were from ALBION. XO

  2. I am 72 years young and have around 40 pairs of leggings. Solids and prints and I love them all! I am also blessed to be petite with slim legs so I feel confident that I can pull them off. I also always wear a tunic top with them so the coverage is appropriate. I will never give up my leggings as long as I can get them on and take them off! And you do not have to buy expensive leggings to have them look age appropriate.

    1. Hi Cindi! Sounds like you are definitely A BIG FAN of leggings. And I love that YOU KNOW what works for you! That sometimes is a huge roadblock for women…. not knowing what works on them. ENJOY those leggings girl…. and THANK YOU for stopping by! XO

  3. Love leggings in the winter with my UGG boots or even a cute pair of booties! With warm sweaters!! Ooooh! I’ll have to try them with blazers and heals!

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