High Waisted Jeans Are The Most Flattering…In MY Opinion

In my opinion the high-waisted jeans are the most flattering style of jeans for women! And honestly I think they can be worn and styled beautifully for all body-types. Would you agree with me? I’ve had these jeans for about a year or so. I LOVE the tie at the waist and the buttons up the leg! Here are some almost the same! My friend had them on the other day and they’re darling! Remember I’m petite, but I still make these work by wearing a cropped top like this, or something tucked in! What you DON’T want to do with this style is to wear something untucked and blousy. The point is to show off your waist!

For my high waisted jeans I wore an Alice and Olivia cropped sweater. I LOVE her clothing! In fact she could be my favorite designer! Some of her fabulous tops are right here. Such fun colors and patterns! THIS would be so adorable with this style of jean….or any style of jean for that matter. But this one would be super cute tucked in! I’ve got a few of my favorites linked below. Just make sure you TUCK IN and it’s not bulky!!!! You’ll look fab!

And this necklace too is a vintage gem from Chicos. Chicos has REALLY GOOD accessories! They have such a great collection of all kinds of jewelry! You can check it all out right here! I think THIS necklace is so much fun….just may need to get it for my collection!


I’m leaving for my vacation today, and so I’ll be absent here just a little bit. I hope you all have a great couple of weeks! I’ll be posting on Instagram A LOT, as well as Instagram STORIES! You can follow along with me there, for lots and lots of sunshine, and sand, and beaches, and golfing, and some tennis, and hiking, and hopefully a whole lot of REST!


Shauna XO

14 thoughts on “High Waisted Jeans Are The Most Flattering…In MY Opinion

    1. Hi Wendy….and don’t you think they are some of the most, IF not THE MOST flattering?! XO

  1. Yes, I agree, high-waisted jeans are much more flattering. Low-rise jeans look good on only the skinniest of bodies, most of us have “muffin top” when trying to wear them. Love that high-waisted jeans are in style again – hopefully for a long time!

  2. What a flattering look. Your legs look amazingly long and I would never have guessed from this photo that you are petite. Great tip about tucking in a blouse or wearing a crop top with high-waisted jeans. Just bought my first pair. Now I know how to style them!

    1. Hi Leslie….yep I’m only 5′ 1″, and so ANYTHING I can do to look LONGER, I’m definitely IN! Have fun with those high-waisted jeans! XO

  3. YES!!!! I love high-waisted jeans. Definitely most flattering. I too, am vertically challenged at 5’1. Recently bought pants very similar for summer and can hardly wait to wear them.

  4. Safe travels, I wish your mother a swift recovery. So glad high waisted pants are back:) Thanks for the fashion thoughts 60s is an awkward age. Sometime I would like you to blog on makeup and aging. Especially eyes and lip colors. Enjoy your vacation.

    1. Thank you Julee for the suggestion on makeup and lip color! I LOVE makeup just as much as clothing! Stay tuned! And THANK YOU for the sweet wishes for my mama! XOXO

  5. What shoes to wear with the larger flared bottom of these jeans?

    1. Hi Linda, I think you can wear almost any shoe with wide legs. Here I have on a white 3″ bootie. I personally like to wear a heel, but flats of any kind work just as well! XOXO

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