How I Transition To Spring

How I transition to Spring sometimes can be such a challenge. For some, and even me, it’s hard to come up with the right balance of spring but not too much, but still being comfortable and WARM! Transitioning from winter to spring, and then from summer to fall, can be hard to balance. I have a few ideas to share with you on how to make that transition a little easier!

This is how I like to think of it…..wear a little bit of spring and a little bit of winter. Like here for instance. I wore my white jeans and these sassy black and white embellished sandals with a striped turtleneck and a black moto jacket. Perfectly balanced I think!

Another way to think about it, is to still wear winter textures and warmth, but SPRING COLORS! Like for example you could wear white jeans and boots, with a bright colored sweater and scarf! That way you’re warm, but still looking spring-like! Also you can think bright spring colors when it comes to your accessories! Like here!

I’ve put together some really fun things that I would wear as I transition to SPRING FASHION! How do you like to think of it? What do you do to make it easier?

I LOVE this first look mostly because I LOVE this dress! It is such a great dress to wear almost any time, and it all depends on how you style it. Wear this cozy sweater over the top and punchy scarf, but then the WHITE booties……SUCH A FUN TREND! I’m in love with them! I believe every girl should have some!

This next look is SO CUTE! A white leather jacket sort of like the white booties, will look so fresh and SPRING-like instantly! Wear it with a beautiful skirt and light cashmere sweater, along with some nude heels. This look is GORGEOUS! The skirt can then be taken in to summer and even fall! I LOVE this one!

And then last of all….what says SPRING STYLE more than checks? These black and white checked pants are adorable! I liked the idea of pairing them with white accessories. The earrings, shoes, and sunglasses will surely look like you’re ready for spring! And the light colored denim I like better than dark as we head in to spring and summer! The sweater underneath will give you some warmth as well as the pattern mixing is brilliant with the checks!

So there you have it….some inspiration for you to transition to SPRING! By the way, I can’t wait! I’m in Hawaii for the next little while and am LOVING the 80 degree sunshine!!! I sure hope when I get back home it will feel like SPRING! Have a great weekend friends!

The bag I’m wearing here is from this designer, Sharif. Isn’t it fabulous? I took it to Baja last fall with me!

Shauna XO

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