BelleCore Is MAGIC!

About two years ago I was just hearing about this MAGIC…..trying to happen! The BelleCore bodybuffer IS THE MAGIC! I had just met this amazing lady Nancy Donahue, in LA…..a super model back in the day. We connected INSTANTLY! We were so different and yet had so many similarities! I really wish I had her LEGS!!!! LOL! But I knew she was FIERCE and GOOD and HARDWORKING and DRIVEN! She told me about this “project” she was working on! I was so intrigued!

The BelleCore bodybuffer is a spa/beauty tool that is good for SO MANY THINGS! First of all, for FITNESS it provides vibration massage, neuromuscular percussive therapy, and trigger point myofascial release. For BEAUTY it helps with lymphatic drainage, cellulite, skin care, edema, and exfoliation. And for WELLNESS it provides muscle recovery, physical therapy, and helps heal sports injuries. Who wouldn’t need this???

My FAVORITE benefit from the BelleCore bodybuffer is most definitely for cellulite, pre-post workout, AND muscle soreness! I LOVE LOVE and did I say LOVE it?!! If you have a significant other in your life….have them use it on your back! It feels oh so good!!! Seriously it does!

Their products can be found right here. Nancy and her team have worked their butts off on this project! I was so excited when mine arrived in the mail and have used it every morning for about ten minutes each time. If I miss in the morning, I’ll use it in the evening. You just plug it in and turn it on and rub it over the areas you want to target!

Here are some blogs and studies on the bodybuffer that are so informative! And here are the people behind this MAGIC! Nancy is SO QUALIFIED to be behind this product!


An author, actress, fitness instructor, community volunteer and mother, Nancy C. Donahue brings a wealth of complementary skills to BelleCore. Nancy began her career as one of the first international supermodels and has graced the covers of major fashion magazines, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Self. A fitness pioneer, she published a training book, One on One, in the 1980s, and has continued to promote exercise as a crucial component to maintaining optimal health and beauty. An accomplished tri-athlete, Nancy is a NSCA and ACE certified personal trainer, YogaFit RYT teacher, Pilates instructor and fitness director.

It definitely is MAGIC friends!!!!! Get YOUR blood circulating with the BelleCore bodybuffer!!!!!!

Shauna XO

2 thoughts on “BelleCore Is MAGIC!

  1. great article.. I love the bodybuffer for so many reasons.. glad you love yours too.. #skincare #musclecare #musclerecovery

  2. I will definitely check this out. I have tried other options to help with crepe-y skin that develops in our 50’s. Does it help with this as well? It is driving me nuts summer shorts. And yes, the cellulite that is now creeping down my upper thighs. I never feel as old as my number but sometimes the skin reminds me I am no longer 40. 😉

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