Graphic Tops Galore!

Can you believe another weekend is here??? Does that mean we should be having fun?! Hope you are all feeling good about where you are with all your preparations for the holidays! I’ve been busy working, and am so grateful that I’m ready!

My favorite trend right now, (and it could change tomorrow!) is the graphic sweatshirt! We’ve seen tees for a long time, and I love them too, but a sweatshirt??? I am in love with them! And this…..SLEIGH ALL DAY, is so whimsical and fun! The thing though that caught my eye about this one, was the “off the shoulder” style. I haven’t worn this look, because I keep my shoulders and upper arms covered, but I fell in love with it styled with a shirt underneath!! A fun way for me to be able to wear the “off the shoulder” look! The sweatshirt is a bit cropped which is perfect for me! It’s short enough to show the hem of your shirt, which brought more interest to the whole look! And let me just take a minute and mention the chambray shirt underneath! It’s a bit on the expensive side, but it is the softest most drapey denim shirt I’ve ever worn! You can’t see here in the pictures, but it has stars here and there on it, which are SO CUTE! SO GOOD for layering because it isn’t bulky AT ALL! It’s linked below. You could put anything over it and it won’t bunch or be uncomfortable!! I love it so much! This brand RAILS I just discovered, and it’s awesome!!!

I’ve linked for you all my favorite graphic sweatshirts! Remember you CAN dress them up or down! Put a glitzy pant with one and you’ll have the greatest in juxtaposition! I did that here in this post, and probably my favorite way to wear them!!!





Wishing you all a very MERRY weekend! OH, and please….let it SNOW!


11 thoughts on “Graphic Tops Galore!

    1. Hi Lizzy! Thank you!!! It’s such a fun way to wear “off-the-shoulder” but still covered!!!! Happy Holidays! XO

  1. What cute sweatshirts. I’ve never been a fan until now. I love the way you styled yours. I could see myself wearing that one especially since it’s red. I tried to click on the picture and it keeps sending me to Pinterest.

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