Giving Thanks Will Change The World

Do you believe this, that…… GIVING THANKS WILL CHANGE THE WORLD? I TOTALLY do! This post will have nothing to do with fashion, but everything to do with talking about giving thanks, having a grateful heart, what that means, why it’s important, can it change your mindset, and can it change the world?

A couple of weeks ago, there was a message from the prophet of my church Russell M. Nelson. He is an amazing man. His occupation was a cardiologist. I’ve never been one to push my religion on to anyone, and this isn’t meant to do that by any means! I’ve always kept my beliefs close to my heart, and pretty much only shared when asked or the conversation led there.

This message by President Nelson is one of PEACE and CALM. He doesn’t talk about religion. When I listened to it, I felt that all was going to be ok. Let me rephrase that…… ALL WILL BE OK! Our world is so uptight right now. This message will hopefully calm your heart!


His message would help anyone feel more calm. He talks about how having a heart of GRATITUDE will help us not feel the fear of our circumstances right now. By recognizing all the good around us, we will have happier hearts and more joyful dispositions. He encouraged us to post on our social media pages, what we are grateful for using #GiveThanks. I have been doing this and they are all posted in my HIGHLIGHT BUBBLE titled THANKFUL.

It’s amazing at just how RECOGNIZING your blessings, can change your mindset. It’s so uplifting! It was interesting because the day before President Nelson’s message, I posted a quote on Instagram LET’S BE GRATEFUL. I thought that was sort of ironic! I also posted another quote from President Nelson, COUNTING OUR BLESSINGS IS BETTER THAN COUNTING OUR PROBLEMS. Isn’t that the truth?

I hope that if you take the time to listen to his message, that it will help you feel more calm and more uplifted. Try having a GRATEFUL HEART and GIVE THANKS every day…… it is a sure mood-booster!


I’ve linked up several similar berets. I’ve never worn one before and I think I’m in love! This one is a little fluffier and not so flat. Not sure I could wear the super flat ones.


2 thoughts on “Giving Thanks Will Change The World

  1. My Christmas’s have become very simple over the last few years, family is much more important. This year for me as well as others we couldn’t be with family like we used to. Since my breast cancer & my sister’s second round I’m thankful that sharing a virtual is a blessing! Have a blessed holiday

    1. Kathleen…. BLESS YOU THIS CHRISTMAS! I think the silver lining with COVID is that it has taught us ALL what is REALLY MOST IMPORTANT! I hope we never forget that it’s most assuredly our relationships that make life BEAUTIFUL! PRAYERS to you and your family! XO

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