Gift Guide For Her

Now this is the kind of post you will all want to show to your husbands, or significant other…..IF you are a woman! I do have men reading this blog, and so this is VERY GOOD information for you too! This is a GIFT GUIDE FOR HER!!! And it’s FABULOUS! There are some great things both on sale and not, but everything here is something that I would buy for myself! Again…I will NEVER post something I don’t like myself, NEVER!

This jacket is part of my gift guide! Isn’t it awesome? And no, it’s not itchy! You can wear this jacket for a casual weekend, or glitz it up with some beautiful flared trousers and heels and of course some sparkly earrings…….which there are some in this gift guide that would be beautiful paired with the jacket!


Hope you all have a WONDERFUL and PRODUCTIVE and SAFE week!

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