Sunday Dress

Good morning and HAPPY SUNDAY! December is here, and I’m sure you are all so busy doing amazing things?!! It can be such a beautiful time of year, but so difficult and challenging for many! We all want to have the perfect holiday season all full of family and fun times! But when you are struggling personally, with family, or health or whatever, Christmas can be SO HARD! I just hope that you all will find extra JOY in whatever circumstance you find yourself in.

But let’s talk about this Sunday dress for a minute! Isn’t it the cutest??? It’s from the NEST boutique and is only $62!!! I absolutely love it! It would work for EVERY season I think…..put different shoes and accessories with it to change it up to anything you want! I loved it with these wine colored tights and velvet shoes! Layer a cute jacket over the top, or for spring or summer, a cute sandal!!!!!

The NEST is doing 12 Days of Christmas and will have a great deal every day… watch out for it! This is such a darling boutique here in Utah! Lots of fun things ALL THE TIME! And it’s a fabulous place for gifts!!!



4 thoughts on “Sunday Dress

  1. Shauna you look so cute, love the Dress so I ordered it. Also let my Hair grow out did’t realized what a pretty silver it was. Thank you for all you do for us mature women. Sometimes it gets expensive because I’ll buy almost everything you wear. So it’s only money can’t take it with you, sure is fun so getting new clothes. Well take care have a wonderful 1st of Advent and keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Rita! THANK YOU so much for your kind comment!!! I’m so happy that you are having fun with style and fashion! There’s NO REASON not to, right??? Enjoy your holidays and stay in touch!!!! Shauna XO

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